28 January 2011

Gaming in Cleveland

The above map, roughly showing the locations of the various gaming stores in the Cleveland area (red) and my location (blue) illustrates one of my biggest frustrations and roadblocks to gaming. I live in the center of a gaming vacuum. I am at least 20 miles from any of the gaming stores.

Additionally, I've never seen anyone actually play any games at the only East Side gaming store (in Willoughby,) which is more like a comic book store with a lot of board games, GW figures and one table that's been buried in boxes every time I've been there.

For futher reference, other points of interest are that my old gaming group is centered in Twinsburg (south-east) with half the games being played in Troy, which is off the east side of the map. There is another game store in Akron, which is about 50 miles almost directly south of me.

I'm still surprised no on has opened a store in the area, as it has a lot going for it, and would be the only one on this side of town. Furthermore, there are several universities in my neighborhood, and it is a generally affluent part of town.

So my weekday gaming usually involves me driving across town, usually in rush hour traffic, and then driving back later in the evening. More often than not, I'm just not up for it anymore. Not that I don't want to play any games. Just that its become a bit tedious. And it's hard to fit in with everything else I've got to do during the day.

I think that if it was someplace a little more comfortable, like someone's house, I'd be up for it more than I am at the moment. Especially if it was something like a Friday night beer & pretzels type get-together.

Speaking of which, tonight is the next RPG session, which does involve beer, pretzels, pizza and a comfy room at someone's house. Of course, this is also across town, in Lakewood.


  1. Name me one good shop in Cleveland,anyway.They all suck.

  2. Good point. Maybe I will do a little review of the Cleveland area stores.

  3. There you go, see the following entry for store reviews.