22 April 2018

Fimir/Fomorians For Sale

As with MoW entry, I'm sure I will regret this as the old lead will be virtually irreplaceable, and I put a lot of time and love into the conversions, but...

I'm selling off my Fimir/Fomorian project. The whole lot of it in one shot. Not interested in splitting it up at this time, as that would be even more painful that this already is. If I do eventually split up, I'll probably put everything up as individual offerings to the wolves of eBay. I know it's a quirky collection, but I hope someone will appreciate it.

Included is:

GW/Citadel original lead:
8 various warriors, painted
1 Dirach, painted
1 Meargh, unpainted, plain head (no hair)
3 Heroquest Fimir (plastic), unpainted

8 converted GW savage orcs, painted
10 converted Reaper orcs, painted

1 Morrighu, painted (Krakon Games)
1 Indech, painted (Krakon Games)

2 plastic GW savage orcs
10 Reaper Bones orcs
50+/- resin Fomorian heads (my sculpts)

The resin heads were an experiment in learning to cast. Many have bubbles and require cleaning up. If the buyer wants the silicone molds, I will send those too, though I think they're mostly at the end of their life expectancy. I'm keeping the original head sculpts unless you want to pay me off with extra cash.

Price: US $600. Buyer pays postage.

Photos: You can find pics of the whole collection at my Fomorian page, or just by clicking the appropriate tags to the right...

... and so on...


  1. That's a shame. What's with the selling of them, or need I not ask?

  2. Sorry to see your selling them. Your posts showing your development of these models have been inspiring. I look forward to reading about your future projects and hopefully one day being able to get hold of some Fimir myself.