27 May 2012

Moving and Painting

My family and I have moved into our new place. It's been a hectic two weeks.

We've got an extra room at the new place, in the finished attic. We will be using this fairly large room for all of our music and art -- and hopefully a gaming table. But at the very least, I will have a nice space for painting (figures or otherwise.)

In the last few weeks leading up to The Big Pack preceding The Big Move, I managed to sneak away to the basement late at night and paint a few figures. Below are an assortment of photos from that period:

FYI, it took 7 tries of "Add Selected (images)" in the new and "improved" Blogger editor to get most of these images to actually appear. The last one took two additional tries, as it wasn't added with the rest. My frustration with Blogger continues...

01 May 2012


I'm managing to squeek in a little more painting. A few Empire/landsknecht figures, but still working on them.

I did finished 6 halflings from Goblin Factory.

I like them. Not quite up to GW standards, but they have their charm. Especially at $8.50 for 6 figures (and no overseas postage.) That compares to $15 for 3 or $55 for 12 GW halflings.

I like the size & proportions, and appreciate that they still look like simple rustic militia without being turned into a mockery or caricature. They fit well with many of the RPG oriented halflings, and will be good for bulking out (haha...) the rank & file troops.

Also.... it seems that Blogger has a "New Look." Sadly, the functionality still seems to suck, which is really annoying. I'd rather have them fix the way things work before spending yet more time switching the way it looks and screwing with the interface. Still having issues with formatting, especially inserting & positioning images.