25 September 2015

Halflings and Daemons

I went with purple & grey for something different and striking on these Westfalia halfling samples. I still need to decide on a symbol/blazon/device/badge/whatever-you-call-it for the standard and possibly on other figures in the future. So they're still just 98% finished.

My fondness for this range of figures just keeps growing. They look nice in photos online, but they are even better in person. The proportions, the crispness & detail, the poses, the concepts -- all awesome.

On the one hand, I'm looking forward to the Kickstarter, but on the other I've got to come up with some money to pledge towards it. I think I'm going be digging through my existing collection to sell off some stuff to fund a shedload of halflings.

While waiting for putty to cure on another project, I cleaned up some recently stripped Oldhammer figures, and took the plunge and assembled the Lord of the Feast. I ended up covering the awful arm joint with a band of putty.  That should help reinforce it too, since I didn't pin it.

My thought is that the Lord of the Feast will join the Life & Death elementals in their old rolls in Warhammer, as "daemons," or lesser avatars of various gods.

18 September 2015

Another Great Orc

I added a fourth Foundry/Warmonger Great Orc to the three I previously painted. I have two more awaiting paint, but four will get me the minimum I need to put on the table under my current plan.

15 September 2015


I decided on the Althammer name for my project and, at least for now, as the header/title for my blog. It's never really had a real title until now.

I liked this as Alt (rather than the initial "Old" prefix) can be construed as short for "Alternative" or as "Old" in German, as that's the obvious inspiration for much of the Empire. My project is inspired by a lot of the Oldhammer concepts, it will use alternative rules, and it will be in a setting that is both in the past and an alternative history/timeline of the Old World.

So there you have it.

Also a change of background, just for some mew color.


14 September 2015

Skeletal Knight Test

I've been procrastinating on these, but really think that the Undead need at least one unit. I've painted up two figures to see how they look & get a feel for the process of painting them. I really like these figures, aside from some of the skulls sculpted into the armour, and the bat-winged shields. I did end up replacing some of shields and cutting off a few bat wings from helms. I'm already tempted to get a second unit of these. (Still tempted to do a second unit of the converted heavy skeletal infantry, too.)

09 September 2015

Overdue War Wagon Crewman

I have finally finished this war wagon crewman after... years.

And a little peek at another figure I've been slowly working on. Not sure how soon I will be inspired to finish the standard.

Skeletons and Much Bigger Skeletons

Another unit of old Citadel skeletons, and three giant skeletons. The latter are (from Left to Right) a skeletal troll from RAFM, skeletal giant from Reaper, and a skeletal cyclops from Grenadier/Mirliton. All three are very nice figures, and are about the same size & scale (if the troll was upright.)

I am still on the hunt for more skeletal ogres that will fit with the two from Ral Partha Europe. I keep thinking about trying to sculpt my own -- and have two ogre skulls started -- but that takes more time than I usually have available. The only reason I can paint most of these skeletons & undeadish at a fast rate is the simplicity of the colors & painting style.