22 May 2022

Expanded Adventures?

 Not satisfied with just those last two figures, I'm working on ways to expand  on the theme. Reaper Bones Black "Penguin Attack Pack" and "Carnivorous Pudding" mean that Gunther & co. and an evolved Slime Princess (I added her tiara) now join middle aged Finn & Jake.

14 May 2022

Time for Adventure!

C'mon grab your friends & go to very distant lands.

I love this pair from Old School Miniatures, originally from Thunder Child Miniatures.

18 April 2022

April Fools to Easter Sunday

Happy Easter from the original Oldhammer villain, the eternal malice...

"Heinrich? Heinrich who? Oh that young kid with the magic sword? Terrorizing family farms and avenging himself upon half-ruined monasteries. Such low ambitions. Tsk."

Also, couldn't pass up a holiday themed photo of the crew of LAGWAFIS.

More seriously, I painted the remaining figures for a squad of guards, troopers security forces, etc. for Five Parsecs. Figures from Khurasan's 28mm range. 


(((Addendum))) Artwork that I assume inspired the Drachenfels figures above, from the WFRP Castle Drachenfels.


03 April 2022

Crew Complete and Eternal Death

A little bit of progress on the sci-fi project. I completed the final figure I needed for my Five Parsecs crew: G-Roy, the fame seeking special agent. Figure by Satyr Art Studio/Drew Williams.
Now I need to get enough terrain on the table for a game, and to finish painting a bigger variety of opponents. Working on both, you can see some of the more recent small terrain pieces in the bacground of these latest photos.

I've also decided to follow up on my previously painted pair of "avatars" of Life & Death I decided they are eternal and needed a second set of figures to match the sci-fi basing. Death is finished, Life is partially painted and should be done soon. I photographed death with the Astro Zombies in the background. Seems like a logical pairing. I'll have to figure out what sort of minions/associates Life would have in a sci-fi setting. I was thinking of dryads for fantasy, but that won't necessarily translate well to the sci-fi setting.

10 March 2022

Budget Bots

I don't remember what blog or social media group led me to these, but I picked up some super cheap plastic toy robots and speed painted them with GW contrast paint & washes. They will serve as security/war bots for Five Parsecs for now. Maybe I will replace them, maybe they will grow on me and stick around. But for now they are a quick and cheap way to get another squad into the pool of figures available for gaming.

20 February 2022

Five Parsecs February

The first half of the month I was mostly working on my OWAC5 figures plus "extras." Those are essentially finishes and that update will be coming soon.
So now that I have some breathing room, I've turned back to the sci-fi/Five Parsecs/Alt Trader project.

I forgot to show these previously! Last month I painted two more Wraithguard, so I now have one each of those and the Ghost Warriors.

I'm working in finishing figures for my crew, and completed two more. Plus a psi-weasel.

Not much is known of the elusive psi-weasel. Their planet of origin is a mystery, and so far no one has even been able to narrow it down to any particular part of the galaxy. They seem to appear and vanish with equal abruptness. Each specimen that has been observed has exhibited unique psychic abilities, and it has been theorized that some sort of psionic teleportation may be responsible for their surprise comings and goings. But that is speculation, almost nothing is known for certain about these creatures among Imperial out Outland researchers. There are rumors, however, that the notorious Spaven naturalist/mutologist David Rattenborough has captured one and utilized it in developing a "rodent psy-bombs" that have recently been spotted in several incidents in the fringe of the galactic north.

Here's the crew in-progress. Almost done! I've updated the Crew Page too.

I decided that Kev is one of at least three Immortals that will appear in both fantasy games (he previously appeared leading WFB goblin armies in 6th/7th ed.) as well as sci-fi games. The fantasy Kev was painted +/-20 years ago. It's sad how much my painting has declined in the intervening years, at least on this figure. Space Kev looks like a cartoon version of the original. My eyesight isn't what it used to be.

On a personal, non gaming note, we've had a crazy winter, even for typical Cleveland weather. It's not that it's been particularly cold or snowy. In fact, we had a couple of "polar vortex" years where it was far far colder.  It's the fact that within a single week, we will go from 7 degrees (F) to 53 degrees (F) with everything from torrential rainstorms, to the world turning to a solid block of ice, then getting buried in 12" of snow, and then all melting two days later... and the cycle starts again the following week.

But today's break in the weather, warm (compared to 7 degrees) & sunny ON A WEEKEND... Hell yeah, grilling season has started! ;)

31 January 2022

The K'Erin (Five Parsecs)

I've struggled to find figures to use for K'Erin in Five Parsecs, both for crew and adversaries. I wanted something that wouldn't be obviously attached to major IP like 40k, Klingons, Predators, etc. Somehow I arrived at the Hadross faction from Wrath of Kings. It's a fantasy-ish game, but I can make the figures work.
Here's my test figure.

I think this will work!

The concept is this... the K'Erin are a warlike race from an aquatic world. They evolved to very particular conditions found only on their homeworld, but through strength of will and a desire to expand their influence, they quickly adapted technology to allow them to move freely in a large variety of environments. 

In their natural environment, K'Erin take a variety of forms usually comprised of a slew of tentacles and various fluid filled organ chambers. Their environmental suits not only help them stay hydrated and chemically balanced, they can also help them assume a form similar to many of the other uplifted races they engage with. Most K'Erin don't have an identifiable face like most of the other uplifted races either, so some have taken to wearing the faces of honorably defeated enemies as a way to seem more familiar to those others & put them at ease. Or terrify them. No one's quite sure except the K'Erin themselves.

There are some other interesting figures in the Hadross range, and the Wrath of Kings game as a whole. I was a little disappointed with the shallow detail and mold lines on this figure, but it painted up pretty well. This will be among my K'Erin adversaries. I have one on the crew, but will use a unique character figure from Wrath of Kings to differentiate. They won't wear anyone else's face. Most likely, one of these two figures (with possible modifications).


24 January 2022

A Good Start to a New Year pt. 2

I was trying to do seven things at one while posting the last update. I forgot a few pics.
I painted a big bird for a friend. It only took me a couple of years. 😕 But it turned out pretty well after a having to repaint a bunch of the wing feathers when they turned out more tropical that frosty. I magnetized the rider and the alternate neck feathers that take his place.

After discovering some more forgotten Spaven tucked away in a box (pic added to the Five Parsecs page now) I took a quick glamour shot before packing various subjects away for various destinations.

Dr. Squidclops vs. The Spaven

Also, our Christmas decorations got into the spirit of my OWAC5 project. Well, and my fondness for the undead in general.

That's part 2 of my January update. Probably a part 3 following in a week, with the OWAC5 update and maybe a bit more.