16 April 2021

Catching Up

 Stuff! In the mail! Someone's got a new ride coming soon. Spinner from Scotia-Grendel. That mold line at the back is going to be a bear to remove, but other than that I like the model quite a bit and may get a another. I think I've got a role for them in the background/setting I've been developing in my head and scattered notes.... and occasionally slip out into some entries here and at the OWAC site.
More stuff! In the mail! Peasants, Kickstarter reward from Midlam Miniatures.

Converted a couple of new Spaven. Famed Spaven mutologist, David Rattenborough (and assistant), leading a field expedition, reporting on newly discovered alien fauna.

Last week my family and I managed a brief get-away. A spring break in Hocking Hills. My daughter took this first photo, and said it is called "Cave Man." On the topic of caves, the second photo is of the "lower falls" on the Old Man's Cave trail. Cave Man... Old Man's Cave. I'm not sure I appreciate this association. ;)


15 April 2021

March OWAC Eldar

I almost forgot to post my March entry for the OWAC!

Basic pics of the 10 Eldar pirates below. More info at my OWAC entry: http://oldworldarmychallenge.blogspot.com/2021/04/zerotwentythrees-march-eldar-pirates.html


Life and Death, pt. 2

I finished the second half of my "Life and Death" duo. The concept was a priest serving each cause. As it turned out, a liche and a healer.

This started as an excuse to paint the liche. So I had to look for a suitable counterpart and found this healer from Reaper. I obviously inverted some of the major colors black/white and crimson/turquoise. But I stuck with gold baubles & accessories and matched the liche's red orb with a similar feature in the healer's staff. In hindsight, I'm wondering if I should repaint the brown "wrap" on her staff turquoise, both to add some more color and to mimic the red on the sword grip.

The healer is hard to photograph, the colors get washed out. I'm very happy with the way this pair turned out. I'm contemplating whether they each need followers or minions. I've already got plenty of generic undead. Maybe a sidekick/henchman? What to do for the healer? I do have the old Citadel Life and Death Elementals for them each to summon as well.

03 April 2021

Comments Disabled Due to Spam

I've disabled comments on this site. At least for now. I've been getting hit daily by spammers and don't have the energy/time to keep up with deleting their bullshit.


20 March 2021

Martian and Snail

John Cartorc found himself a Martian friend.

I previously made some iron shell terrain. But this Eldar has stumbled across a live ferro-snail!

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16 March 2021

Life and Death, pt. 1

 I'm working on a new "Life and Death” themed pair of figures and finished the first one. Guess which one this is?

15 March 2021

Worms and HOrcs in spaaaace!

 Me: Half way through March and I've almost finished half my OWAC goals for the month. I can do this! I just need to stay on track, make sure to finish the first squad over the weekend!

Also Me: Those Eldar really want to watch a space-half-orc battle with a space-purple worm. They'd like that. I'd better get on that right away!

Also: New terrain for the photo background (and hopefully small skirmish games coming soon).

Reaper half-orc converted with some old GW bits. Not sure who manufactured the worm, it came from my friend Rich's collection. It's a soft vinyl figure and looks like it was torn from some other base. I'm guessing from some sort of collectible or "Clix" game figure? Some quick and sloppy paint & a thick coat of gloss varnish and I think it looks good! I have a few more to paint up, I think I'll follow the same technique.

28 February 2021

Sci-Fi Board

 I started working on a new photo board and some small scatter terrain for my Space Elves and other sci-fi junk. Still working on some background stuff for pics.

I recently read about a species of snail that forms a shell of iron, and thought it would be a cool idea to scale that up and use some discarded alien mega-snail shells as terrain.