18 April 2018

Man-O-War - Old Photos

I was looking for pics of my Man-O-War minis, and it looks like I never posted them on this blog. I did find some pics of most (but not all) of the ships elsewhere, so I will now share them...

The Empire fleet was painted with the "Great White Fleet" as inspiration. (A couple of the flags need repaired.)

I have a couple of painted chaos ships (Slaaneshi ships to supplement the Dark Elf fleet), some more Empire ships, and a few unpainted flyers -- as well as the rules, cards, etc. from all three boxed sets, a blue cloth and some homemade terrain. I am going to put this all up for sale in the next few days with a complete list and new photos.

15 April 2018

Next Giant...

Next up for Big April '18 is the big guy from Heresy Miniatures. Was a very quick cleanup & assembly. Clean casting and fit together well. Didn't even bother pinning, as everything seemed keyed and/or seated very securely.

A pic next to the Marauder giant and my usual handgunner scale reference...

Need to wait for better weather to prime him. I'll also be back in Texas (Houston, this time) for most of this week, so I won't get to work on this one until next weekend, at the earliest.

14 April 2018


Done. May write up some background for Walter in the near future.

It seems like I say this about half the giants I own, but this is one of my favorite models.

13 April 2018

Walter's Loot

Slowly painting Walter's loot. (Yes, that will be his name - or some variation of it.) He's got a pig, goat, goose, maiden, sausages, and a bunch of other little details...

09 April 2018

Big April Progress - Warploque Drunk Walter Skank Jerk Matthau

Progress on the Warploque giant. Big colors blocked out, with various levels of shading & highlighting. Decided that the keg should be full of a nice rich porter. Still a lot of detail to work out on this guy!

As I'm painting, I can't get a certain old image out of my head (stolen internets image)...

...just swap the head with that of Walter Matthau (another stolen internets image)..

01 April 2018

Sellswords and Printed Cards

Stuff! In the Mail!

As mentioned previously, I bought the PDF of Sellswords and Spellslingers recently. I was impressed enough with the possibilities for both solo and co-op skirmish gaming that I ordered the cards from Drive-Through Cards. There are actually four sets of useful cards available. You don't need them all, but the price for professionally printed cards didn't seem bad, so I went for all of them.

At first glance (they just arrived today) the cards look like very nice quality.

I'm hoping to try a solo game soon. Need to build my first band of adventurers!

31 March 2018

Marshing into April

No more marsh-y themed minis for March. I'm still working on stripping the paint from those old Marauder trolls, and looking for the remaining two that I still don't have.  In the meantime, I am soaking the other four in some Dawn Power Dissolver, at the recommendation of Blue. My usual go-to, Simple Green, just wasn't cutting it this time.

I did manage to strip, prime and start on the MM41 ogre that finally completes my collection.

While that's all going down, I also, miraculously quick, finished the Westfalia goat knights!

Although I do think I will be turning one of these into a standard bearer at some point. Or maybe I will try to get a few more to create a standard, champion, and musician...

So with Big April coming up, I'm looking forward to...

Giants! (And the above-mentioned ogre.) A bit ambitious, and slightly out of focus it seems. First will be finishing the paint on the Warploque giant. While that's going on, I will prep the other two -- from Heresy and Otherworld.

IF, by some miracle that all gets done, I have more in mind. I would still REALLY like to sculpt my own giant. Given the timing, that's been on my mind again and I think I've got a decent picture in my head of that I want to do. Also, I've got some more giants here, still waiting to be painted. I have several of the Reaper Bones giants from their last KS. These are a bit larger than the older sculpts, and in fact one is a resculpt of one I've previously painted.

I've also got the extra heads from the Otherworld giant. The web site says to select one, but they ended up sending all three. I could try to magnetize them so they're swapable. Or maybe I can work out a way to get an extra giant out of the deal...

...oooooor maybe not.