15 January 2023

More 'Shrumans & Shroomfolk

Two more 'shrumans painted. I definitely like how these have turned out and will be making some more. I only have a few more zombies worth of bits from the old kit left. Will need to find some other bodies/parts to use after that.

And here's a group shot of all of the Shroomfolk so far.

14 January 2023


As 2022 got busy, I slacked off updating this blog and various ongoing threads at the Lead Adventure Forum. I still shared pics on Instagram, and occasionally on a couple of FB groups. But those social media outlets have been less than satisfying.

So I'm aiming to get back to the blog and LAF more. And the Carpe Noctem forum for my undead fix.

Part of my atonement, apparently, is catching up. I recently shared a photo of Owlbro's new family, but now realize I never shared Owlbro himself! He's a resin figure from Westfalia Miniatures. I'm honestly not even sure why I bought an Owlbro in the first place. But it was a fin figure to paint and looks pretty cool. And, per the Christmas update, he now has a family.

11 January 2023

Ach! It's Them! The 'Shrumans!

 First two 'Shruman test figures.

I'll write more later, but the basic idea is to apply the real world zombie ant fungus to humans (or former humans....) in a more whimsical way in a fantasy setting.

08 January 2023

A Little Bit in the New Year

Failed on my End of Year/New Year entry. I'll get back to that and do it right. I've been busy & stressed out.

For now, here's a few things I've worked on latelyish.

Chaos familiar. I didn't fully appreciate how well the face was sculpted until I painted it. The whole range of familiars is really great. I've got an incomplete (half-ish?) set. Maybe I should collect the rest...

Santa brought Owlbro a family. :D

I just couldn't leave the figure alone. Too much color on the scythe. This time I'm really done. No more touch-ups...

Random new development.... 'shrumans. These are the first four.

The 'shrumans will compliment Fried's Shroomhost. I also painted the two big bruisers in the front last week. Would like to get a couple more, as well as some more variety of 'shroomfolk.

Sneaky OWAC teaser. 

29 December 2022

More Mercenaries

I accidentally painted a couple of test figures for another mercenary band for Five Parsecs and other sci-fi games. These are from Satyr Art Studio.

Deadcember 2022


The last few months have been busy, so no updates and not much painting. But with the holidays came some much needed time off work, and December means Deadcember. So I've finally had some quality time at the painting table. 

Skeletons from Citadel & Marauder. Some of the last that were still unpainted!

Undead lord from Heartbreaker.

Me. Sculpted 20 years ago by me. Recently replaced the axe with a rusty scythe.

Skeleton command, champion from Heartbreaker, standard & musician from Satyr Art Studio. I'm still undecided about that to paint on the standard.

Zombies by Satyr.

Little skeleton familiar (or is it a dwarven liche...!) from Diehard

Goblins in Space

Although mainstream Eldar society disregards it, and most of the the other races know little of or care even less for it, there is a theory that the minor race known as "Goblins" in the Traders's Tongue are actually an offshoot of the Eldar. The basis of this theory is that the Melkor Event on the remote, and some say cursed, moon Thangorodrim. The moon had been settled by a small group of Eldar explorers/entrepreneurs looking for mineral wealth. Although it is certain that *something* was found there, no one knows exactly what. The Event instantaneously transformed the moon into a dark mountainous, crystalline mass and presumably wiped out all life inhabiting it. The final coherent transmission from the last remaining Eldar mining station simply reported that it was, "something wonderful."

In the decades that followed, there was little interest in Thandgorodrim or any of the other planets in the system, as they had been evaluated as economically insignificant or barren. However, seemingly originating from this same abandoned system, the previously unheard of Goblin pirates emerged, already sharing certain technology with both Eldar and Imperial societies.

This is my first test paint of a group of figures from Alternative Armies, sculpted by Bob Olley. I had intended to paint the whole squad for Orctober, but got busy and never finished. The above blog entry was going to be finished once I had photos of the completed squad, but since that never happened I thought I would publish what little I had. Hopefully I finish them in the new year...

16 October 2022

Belegost Scrap Wagon 2


I finished painting the mercenary wing of the Belegost Scrap Wagon. Difficult to get a decent photo.

15 October 2022

Planetary Nomads/Scavengers

I finally finished my planetary nomads / scavengers.  All Mark Copplestone sculpted figures, a mix of old and not-totally-old-but-not-exactly-new. ;)


08 October 2022

Belegost Scrap Wagon


Although they initially earned their living as a salvage crew, some members of the Belegost eventually turned to mercenary work. Particularly some of the older crew who had fought many battles defending their claims, eventually realized they could cut out the salvage work and render services based on their hard earned battle prowess -- usually at a better wage. So it was that the Belegost Scrap Wagon diversified their operations into a salvage wing and a mercenary wing. The Anvil and the Hammer, as they started calling it, based on the ancient traditions of their people.

As explained above, I am painting up the Skull & Crown "Space Scrappers" and Satyr Art Studio space dwarfs with two sub-factions inspired by two different aesthetics within among the figures. The more heavily armored become the mercenaries, and the less armored figures (also with less military looking weapons in many cases) become the salvage crew. I'll keep the color palettes similar, but with more variety among the salvage crew. I just finished the first half of the mercenaries, above.