30 September 2019

Sea Elf Standard & Pre-Orctober 2019

Sea Elf Standard. Poor color rendering on the photo -- still need to work on better lighting for photos. Sticking with the aquatic fauna theme for the moment.

My plan for (Half-) Orctober 2019: 24 old Grenadier half-orcs, plus a Citadel barbarian who will pass for one of the regiment, and a Reaper priestess that I didn't finish last year.

Anyone else really enjoy the new Dark Crystal series? I had a few initial reservations, but enjoyed the heck out of it.

28 September 2019

A Few More Sea Elves

4 additional sea elves for those painted in in the Old World Army Challenge. I had a unit of 28, now I can split that into two units of 16. I do need to paint the some banners, though.

24 September 2019

Little Details

It's been a while since I've done some tiny freehand. Painting this shield was my little moment of stress relief on an otherwise shitty day. I need more painting time in my life, to decompress.  Lateaddition to the sea elves I did for the Old World Army Challenge (most of whom still need their shields painted as well...)

20 September 2019

10 in 2? EMHRP?

There's a mini challenge on the OWAC group for a squad of 10 in 2 months -- so 5 figures per month. I was thinking about using this as an excuse to really start on the Eclectic Meat-Hating Robot Pirates.

Here were the fist 10 I came up with...

But then I found...

And really, any crew of misanthropic  robot pirates really *should* have a squad of robot flying monkeys. They're Reaper Bones figures, and surprisingly seem decently detailed -- and  very cheap!

12 September 2019

The Armed Mob Grows

Been painting an armed mob for the witch hunter. I think this is all the rabble I have for now, unless I can unearth some more. I do have some others that were previously painted, to bulk up the numbers a little bit more.

09 September 2019

More Followers for the Witch Hunter

Still trying to work out the lighting...

More recruits for the witch hunter. Trying to work in some non-human followers. Looking for some dwarf militia/levy types but they're harder to come by.

And a statue (to be used as an objective)

02 September 2019

New Board and the Witch Hunter

It's been a good holiday weekend. Weather didn't completely cooperate, but for the most part things went well. I got some work done around the house, barbecued some chicken, and enjoyed some down time with my family.

I also got a bit of personal/hobby time in. First off, I painted the Witch Hunter, and started putting a bit of paint on his next few followers.

I hung a new light to brighten the little corner of the cellar that I paint in. It's almost too much light! When I turn my old task light on at the desk, it doesn't make much of a difference, and in fact casts a bit of a shadow. Things may get rearranged. This also may happen because...

I also made a new 3x3 game board. Hopefully I will get to use it for some small skirmish gaming, like Rangers of Shadow Deep. But I also wanted someplace better to take photos of figures. It took a few days (mostly waiting for glue/paint to dry) but the actual work that went into it was brief and easy. The new board matches the larger table/boards I've currently got in storage.

I threw together a makeshift backdrop and tested out a few angles for photos to see if the lighting will work.