24 March 2019

Almost April - Something BIG on the Horizon

I'm currently wrapping up my OWAC2 entry for March. (No peeks until it's up on the OWAC site.) But I'm also looking ahead to April. Although I will continue to prep minis for the OWAC, I will probably take April as my month off for the challenge. (We get one Mulligan.) Why?

Well, after joining in on different monthly challenges (Deadcember, Orctober, etc.) I've been doing my own thing every April. Big April as I call it. No puns or wordplay. Just painting giants in April because I like giants and one year it was April and I wanted to paint a few giants, so the idea of doing it every year stuck. Last year I got off half-way through painting the Heresy Miniatures giant, Mucklegeet at the end of the month. An awesome and imposing miniature (and I have Shadespyre to thank for mine.) Here's where I left off...

I don't expect that it will take all of April to finish him. So the question currently in my head is what to do with the rest of the time? I have a coupe of ideas:

  • Get a head start on some OWAC minis so I'm not stressed out trying to finish them the next few months. Bwahahahaa. (Not likely. Where's the fun in that?)
  • Paint more trolls. While not giants, they are relatively big when compared to humans.
  • Paint more giants. Makes sense, right? I've still got a few:
  • Sculpt my own giant. I've really been wanting to sculpt more, and the idea of sculpting my own Big April giant has been in my mind for at least a couple of years.
I've got about a week before April, and obviously the above giant will be on my table while I sort it out.

21 March 2019

New Trolls, Old Trolls

Reunited at last! I owned and painted a set of these six Marauder Miniatures MM40 trolls (sculpted by Trish Carden) when the first came out. A little while later, I traded off two of them to a friend, but kept the other four because I had written Mike, Vyv, Neal, and (P)Rick and did some (very) minor conversions appropriate to the names thereon.

A little while ago, inspired by the more recently released Satyr Art Studio trolls (sculpted by Drew Williams) I decided to strip the four trolls and remove the converted bits (which fell apart in the stripper anyway) with the idea of giving them a better paint job than I had back in my early years. But I just couldn't bring myself to do it until I got the other two again and had a full set.

So, once I finally tracked down the missing two a month or so ago, I finally got to painting. They're some of my favorite trolls ever made!

Here are the TrishTrolls alongside the DrewTrolls.