28 September 2016

Oldhammer Bound

I'm just about packed for Oldhammer Day USA. (Still debating bringing a small 40k warband for "Escape from Nu Ork") I'll be working away from home for a day or two, briefly coming back, then hitting the road the next day for Oldhammer festivities. I may do some live (or live-ish) updates via this blog or my Facebook Page and/or the Oldhammer in the New World page. Or I may just relax and catch up with that later. Not sure.

12 September 2016

Marienburg on the March

Here's what's hitting the road for Oldhammer Day 2016. Plus the baggage train. It's been so long, I have no idea how they will do. I'm counting on at least going out looking flashy, if nothing else.

Maybe I should print up an alternate Marienburg list with a giant in it. I can swap the dwarfs for a giant plusabout 25 pts. to put into something else. (I'm also bringing an all-giant army in case anyone is willing to play it, just for a laugh.)

09 September 2016

Marienburg Halberdiers

I finished enough halberdiers for two small units, using some previously painted command figures. Mostly 4th ed. era Citadel plastic, but I snuck in a couple of Artizan landscnecht pikemen equipped with Foundry halberds.

Also, one old Grenadier hobbit with a bow, to mix in with some previously painted Goblin Factory hobbits, for a small (heh heh) unit of scouts.

01 September 2016

WFB3 Reference Materials

The Marienburg list isn't quite 100% done, but close. 1500 points for pick-up games. Giant stat cards are printed & laminated. Two sets, one for me, the other for opponents. I should make some sort of markers for giants that show up drunk. What I really need to do is finish painting some halberdiers.