20 March 2021

Martian and Snail

John Cartorc found himself a Martian friend.

I previously made some iron shell terrain. But this Eldar has stumbled across a live ferro-snail!

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16 March 2021

Life and Death, pt. 1

 I'm working on a new "Life and Death” themed pair of figures and finished the first one. Guess which one this is?

15 March 2021

Worms and HOrcs in spaaaace!

 Me: Half way through March and I've almost finished half my OWAC goals for the month. I can do this! I just need to stay on track, make sure to finish the first squad over the weekend!

Also Me: Those Eldar really want to watch a space-half-orc battle with a space-purple worm. They'd like that. I'd better get on that right away!

Also: New terrain for the photo background (and hopefully small skirmish games coming soon).

Reaper half-orc converted with some old GW bits. Not sure who manufactured the worm, it came from my friend Rich's collection. It's a soft vinyl figure and looks like it was torn from some other base. I'm guessing from some sort of collectible or "Clix" game figure? Some quick and sloppy paint & a thick coat of gloss varnish and I think it looks good! I have a few more to paint up, I think I'll follow the same technique.