07 July 2021


Forgot to post this. At some point I painted this robo-Kali that I got from eBay. Not sure of the origin/manufacturer. Plastic figure. Quick paint. Eldar included for scale comparison.

05 July 2021

June Old World Army Challenge Entry (Eldar)

Last month of the Old World Army Challenge. Wrap up post will be coming soon, with pics of the whole pirate force together. But here's the June entry (which I barely managed to finish on time.)

16 May 2021

April Old World Army Challenge (more Eldar)

 It seems like I'm bad at keeping up with re-posting my OWAC entries here.

Click/top to enlarge.

More pics, words, background here: http://oldworldarmychallenge.blogspot.com/2021/05/zerotwentythrees-april-eldar-pirates.html

And all of The Good Stuff here: http://oldworldarmychallenge.blogspot.com/

16 April 2021

Catching Up

 Stuff! In the mail! Someone's got a new ride coming soon. Spinner from Scotia-Grendel. That mold line at the back is going to be a bear to remove, but other than that I like the model quite a bit and may get a another. I think I've got a role for them in the background/setting I've been developing in my head and scattered notes.... and occasionally slip out into some entries here and at the OWAC site.
More stuff! In the mail! Peasants, Kickstarter reward from Midlam Miniatures.

Converted a couple of new Spaven. Famed Spaven mutologist, David Rattenborough (and assistant), leading a field expedition, reporting on newly discovered alien fauna.

Last week my family and I managed a brief get-away. A spring break in Hocking Hills. My daughter took this first photo, and said it is called "Cave Man." On the topic of caves, the second photo is of the "lower falls" on the Old Man's Cave trail. Cave Man... Old Man's Cave. I'm not sure I appreciate this association. ;)


15 April 2021

March OWAC Eldar

I almost forgot to post my March entry for the OWAC!

Basic pics of the 10 Eldar pirates below. More info at my OWAC entry: http://oldworldarmychallenge.blogspot.com/2021/04/zerotwentythrees-march-eldar-pirates.html


Life and Death, pt. 2

I finished the second half of my "Life and Death" duo. The concept was a priest serving each cause. As it turned out, a liche and a healer.

This started as an excuse to paint the liche. So I had to look for a suitable counterpart and found this healer from Reaper. I obviously inverted some of the major colors black/white and crimson/turquoise. But I stuck with gold baubles & accessories and matched the liche's red orb with a similar feature in the healer's staff. In hindsight, I'm wondering if I should repaint the brown "wrap" on her staff turquoise, both to add some more color and to mimic the red on the sword grip.

The healer is hard to photograph, the colors get washed out. I'm very happy with the way this pair turned out. I'm contemplating whether they each need followers or minions. I've already got plenty of generic undead. Maybe a sidekick/henchman? What to do for the healer? I do have the old Citadel Life and Death Elementals for them each to summon as well.

03 April 2021

Comments Disabled Due to Spam

I've disabled comments on this site. At least for now. I've been getting hit daily by spammers and don't have the energy/time to keep up with deleting their bullshit.


20 March 2021

Martian and Snail

John Cartorc found himself a Martian friend.

I previously made some iron shell terrain. But this Eldar has stumbled across a live ferro-snail!

Current mood:

16 March 2021

Life and Death, pt. 1

 I'm working on a new "Life and Death” themed pair of figures and finished the first one. Guess which one this is?

15 March 2021

Worms and HOrcs in spaaaace!

 Me: Half way through March and I've almost finished half my OWAC goals for the month. I can do this! I just need to stay on track, make sure to finish the first squad over the weekend!

Also Me: Those Eldar really want to watch a space-half-orc battle with a space-purple worm. They'd like that. I'd better get on that right away!

Also: New terrain for the photo background (and hopefully small skirmish games coming soon).

Reaper half-orc converted with some old GW bits. Not sure who manufactured the worm, it came from my friend Rich's collection. It's a soft vinyl figure and looks like it was torn from some other base. I'm guessing from some sort of collectible or "Clix" game figure? Some quick and sloppy paint & a thick coat of gloss varnish and I think it looks good! I have a few more to paint up, I think I'll follow the same technique.

28 February 2021

Sci-Fi Board

 I started working on a new photo board and some small scatter terrain for my Space Elves and other sci-fi junk. Still working on some background stuff for pics.

I recently read about a species of snail that forms a shell of iron, and thought it would be a cool idea to scale that up and use some discarded alien mega-snail shells as terrain.

27 February 2021

14 February 2021

Sci-Fi Mix

A little bit of recent painting...

I've recruited two chaos champions as sci-fi ne'er-do-wells. Mssrs. Scum & Villainy. Nothing stopping me from using them for fantasy gaming either, but they do both have firearms and I've based them to match the recent sci-fi/Alt Trader stuff.

 Eye, Robot. Quick scratch built light hoverbot.

Fourth color test figure. I like this. Maybe a bit more towards the brighter end of the gradient, a little less area of dark end showing. For the most part I think I'm going to stick with the green, blue and purple for the infantry. I don't think the yellow fits in, even without the purple present.

I'm working on a couple more space adventurers. Here's one...

04 February 2021

Small Mix

Randomly painting a handful of figures lately. Familiar themes, but following my whims...

Not sure where the guy on the right is from, but figured he would make a good sci-fi civilian. The figure on the left (from Reaper, I believe) was painted years ago at a speed painting contest at Historicon. I figured he could also be drafted into service as a sci-fi civilian, so I finished his base to match the others.

A pair of skeletons from Northstar. I got a pack of these to see if they would fit well with other oldschool metal skeletons...

...so here they are with recently painted figures from Citadel, Marauder, and Grenadier. Thoughts?

More stuff just starting to get paint on my painting desk (along with four more of the Northstar skeletons)... another Eldar color test, a couple of old Citadel chaos champions to use as sci-fi ne'er-do-wells, and the life/death duo I recently bought on a whim.

I increasingly find myself learning to enjoy cooking. In particular, spending time outdoors grilling & eating on the back patio helped get me through the Covid isolation for a long time. Now that winter is hear, I'm still experimenting with cooking a lot of new dishes, but not spending time outdoors. Feeling a little cabin fever setting in already.

But last weekend I was making white chili for the first time and wanted to roast some poblano peppers over actual fire. I decided 35°F is good grilling weather (and it was!) so I fired up the grill and went at it. Our dog also misses spending time with us outdoors -- and grilling too, since she usually got some scraps! No peppers for her, but she did come outside and run around the yard (in her pajamas) with me like a couple of fools. I think she misses the warm weather as much as I do.

We've currently got some snow on the ground, but just a couple of inches. However temperatures will be dipping down to single digit numbers this coming week. So I'm glad to have had a brief moment outside with my dog and grill.

26 January 2021

Old World Army Challenge 2021 -January Entry

I was getting nervous. Work and personal life were keeping me busy through the third week of Janary and I hadn't started my first month's entry for the Old World Army Challenge!

But after a frenzied weekend-plus of painting, I managed to pull it off.I was helped out by the relatively simple color scheme. I painted Eldar serpent squads to match the previous test figure.

See more preview photos, words & stories, and stuff at the actual Old World Army Challenge blog! Go there and see how I have already derailed my carefully planned out OWAC schedule right out of the gate. Take a look at the other AWESOME entries that have been posted by other participants so far.
After being away from sci-fi painting/gaming so long, I'm getting psyched up about this project as well as the Meat Hating Robots. Jamming out to space themed music while working on these projects, too. Current mood:

I'm also working on some fluffy setting stuff. A lot in my head or in Google Docs files right now, but I've been letting bits slip in the OWAC entry, my Instagram account (@023minis) etc.

24 January 2021

Supporting Characters 01 - Alt Trader

Since I am finally diving back into retro "Alt Trader" sci-fi with my 2021 Old World Army Challenge Eldar and finally painting up some Meat Hating Robot Pirates, I've started thinking about the larger setting. Not too large, mind you. But enough to give some context and purpose to my project.
So I've got a general concept of a far corner of the galaxy occupied by the Imperium. The border along the Void, a vast and theoretically empty space. Starting to get an idea for a couple of locations. One planet in the border region, nominally under Imperial control, but administrated in a semi-feudal style manner. Another being a large independent space station (Carcosa) in the uncontrolled Void.

I'd like to start collecting some "supporting characters" for the settings and (hopefully) future games & campaigns. Some will be generic, some will represent specific recurring characters. This is all a bit similar to my fantasy project, but smaller. For now I'm keeping it vague and working with what I've got...
Like these two freshly painted chaps. On the left is a Grenadier figure, (c) 1990, with the base stamped M423. I think it may be an old fantasy orc...? Not sure, it appears to have horns on its head. I would love to know the provenance of the figure.. But for me, the whole look seemed like a good fit for supervisor or senior tech in a dock. On the right is a figure I got at the Oldhammer Day 2016, I think he was sent to our group from someone who provided him for one of the UK Oldhammer days. I'm sure someone else can help shed some light on the provenance of this figure as well. A very Wez looking tribute to Road Warrior and the tome of Rogue Trader.

I also based/re-based a few figures for use in the new project/setting:

I'm currently digging through my old figures and online sources for more "supporting characters". Suggestions for figure sources are welcome. Looking for that old Rogue Trader & '70s/'80s sci-fi aesthetic, but open to a lot of other stuff too.

03 January 2021

New Year, Old Dwarf

Kandos, recently deceased dwarven master brewer, come to enact his doom on the kinslayers.

"Beers unnumbered ye shall spill; and the dead shall assail you to the last, so that not even the echo of your lamentation shall pass over the mountains. On the Company of Dozens lieth the wrath of Kandos, from the West unto onthe uttermost East. To evil end shall all things turn that they begin well. Ye have spilled the blood of your kindred unrighteously and have stained the ancient brewhalls. For blood ye shall render blood and perfidiously bought ale, and beyond the brewery ye shall nevermore dwell."

- The Doom of Kandos