16 October 2022

Belegost Scrap Wagon 2


I finished painting the mercenary wing of the Belegost Scrap Wagon. Difficult to get a decent photo.

15 October 2022

Planetary Nomads/Scavengers

I finally finished my planetary nomads / scavengers.  All Mark Copplestone sculpted figures, a mix of old and not-totally-old-but-not-exactly-new. ;)


08 October 2022

Belegost Scrap Wagon


Although they initially earned their living as a salvage crew, some members of the Belegost eventually turned to mercenary work. Particularly some of the older crew who had fought many battles defending their claims, eventually realized they could cut out the salvage work and render services based on their hard earned battle prowess -- usually at a better wage. So it was that the Belegost Scrap Wagon diversified their operations into a salvage wing and a mercenary wing. The Anvil and the Hammer, as they started calling it, based on the ancient traditions of their people.

As explained above, I am painting up the Skull & Crown "Space Scrappers" and Satyr Art Studio space dwarfs with two sub-factions inspired by two different aesthetics within among the figures. The more heavily armored become the mercenaries, and the less armored figures (also with less military looking weapons in many cases) become the salvage crew. I'll keep the color palettes similar, but with more variety among the salvage crew. I just finished the first half of the mercenaries, above.

04 October 2022

Overdue OWACV Summary (Season of the Liche)

I realize that I have not kept up very well with cross-posting my Old World Army Challenge progress (or completion) from the first half of the year. Since I'm at a bit of a lull otherwise, I figure I would share the final photos, with maybe minimal commentary.
As shared previously, this year's theme was Season of the Liche, for several reasons. What started as a serious undead "fast attack" faction devolved into semi-psychedelic inspired absurdity. But it was fun! I mean, I've enjoyed each OWAC, but the last two seem like wonderful diversions into nostalgia and not-taking-things-so-seriously. Although I didn't wear the sleeveless T-shirt (because flamingos) I even bought the mullet wig this year, which no one else in the OWAC had the dedication to do! ;)
I'm not sure where that leaves me for next year. I'm back to having another serious project lined up. Maybe.
You can click to enlarge most of the photos below. To see full commentary and (probably better photos) check out my 2022 entries at the OWAC site!