31 October 2018

Half-Orc Arrival

I've put in a couple of really long weeks this month, which is part of the reason I didn't paint as many half-orcs as I would have liked this month. So I thought I deserved a few minis. Picked up a pack of minis to test for half-orciness.

They're Alternative Armies hobgoblin raiders. Shown here, from left to right... Mirliton hal-orc, Alt. Armies, Citadel RR15 hobgoblin, Alt. Armies, Black Tree Orc, Alt. Armies

Last night I was up to stupid o'clock working on one small detail for our office decorating contest...

27 October 2018

Hob-Orcs Complete

The RR15 Hob-Orcs are complete. I went with a simple "black star" shield design, based on the ancient Macedonian royal sun shield design. I painted a few different ideas on paper, but didn't care for the others. I thought this went well with the standard/totem too.

Mantic Giant

My Mantic giant arrived today. It's the only thing I got from the KS. I showed great restraint.

A quick dry fit to check the size compared to some of my other giants. I happen to have the Otherworld giant on my desk, still awaiting assembly. I think they will be pretty close in size when assembled, though proportioned somewhat differently (as just about every giant seems to be.)

And another quick check against a couple of the finished giants. I think the Mantic, Otherworld, Warploque, and Ultraforge giants will be of similar size when they're all complete.

I will need to get a new group photo when those two and the Heresy giant are done. But for reference, below are a couple of previous group shots.

On Deck

I'm hoping to finish up the unit of half-orcs/hob-orcs this weekend, possibly tonight. What's next? Well, I'm glad you I asked.

I still have the rest of the half-orcs that I had wanted to paint for half-Orctober on my desk. There's a high likelyhood of half-Novemborc. Or whatever. I dunno, just going to paint what I like.

Other things (still...) on my desk:

Westfalia halfling scouts. Rabbit archers. The start of the Meat Hating Robot Pirate crew (more still to be assembled). Heresy giant (started earlier this year.)

Not pictured are some skeletal things I will probably paint for Deadcember and the fact that I'm really itching to try sculpting again. And high-elves I need to finish for a friend. I've also got some other commitments. So how much of this actually gets painted before the end of the year... I don't know.

23 October 2018

3/4 Hob-Orcs

Rank and file done. Just need to paint the command figures & do the bases.

A few people commented on using paint to break up the monotony of single pose regiments. So I've included front and back pics.

21 October 2018

Hob-Orcs, First Half

Half of the half-orcs, all rank & file. Next are 4 more troopers plus the command figures.

19 October 2018

Hob-Orc Test

Been travelling for work a lot. Made it to the gallery opening I posted about last time and had blast.

But not much mini painting. Half-assed half-Orctober. I wanted try a test despoiling hobgoblin half-orc (hob-orc?) to see how they will look...

...and that's about all I've got for the moment.

13 October 2018

Monsters Under the Bed

Managed to swing a work trip to coincide with a gallery opening. I'll have a few creepy, gorey things in this show. Clutter Magazine Gallery, tonight (10/13) in Beacon, NY.

10 October 2018


Super slow progress. Travelling a lot for work. Not much painting. Unfortunate, because I've been looking forward to painting more half-orcs! Especially since it's halfOrctober.