15 October 2023


Random and scattered update...

I am thinking about harvesting a bunch of thistles from across the fence behind our yard and putting them on some bases to use as alien flora.

Completely random, but I regret no buying these shoes yesterday. Still time to go back, I suppose.

I painted some stuff for Orctober!! Half-orc kitbash, mostly Oathmark human, but with a mystery head. Maybe from a zombie? I forget where it came from. The goblin shaman is, I think, from Clan War.

I found bits for most of (3) RTB01 marines. The top green figure is the last remainder from my original 80's Mantis Warrior army. (Started painting them purple but switched when the Badab War article came out in White Dwarf.)

Resin spinner-esque vehicle, I believe from Scotia-Grendel.

Trying to continue building/painting new sci-fi terrain for gaming soon!

There may be a Thomas the Deodorant Stick Grav-Attack on deck...

09 October 2023

Five Months From Painted Factions - more planning

I've done some more thinking and unearthing figures. My plan is to start painting in November, prep as much as I can in October.

I just prepped figures for the Primitive faction and started thinking about non-human primitives and there it is, right in the book. So I prepped some aliens. Figures from the Hadross faction from Wrath of Kings.

Contemplating these as a start to a Hulker Gang faction, but they have no guns. I would also need a few more. 

I also gathered together some Supporting Characters, two of which I started long ago but fell by the wayside. These will be "bonus figures" if I finish my goal for the month and still have time to paint more.

So here's the game table, with most of what I've got prepped so far. (Click/tap to enlarge)

Still thinking a lot about terrain as well. My hobby budget is back to zero these days, so I'm going to have to do everything on the cheap. Luckily I have a bin in which I save random trash that looks like it could someday be terrain. Pulled out some stuff from my "box o' junk" and think I have a few ideas.

06 October 2023

Five Months From Painted Factions

I've lost count of the campaigns & narrative games I've planned out in my head. Among those, a Five Parsecs campaign has been long overdue. So I'm thinking about my own flavor of monthly painting challenge.

Five Months From Painted Factions

The idea would be similar to other themed painting challenges, including the Old World Army Challenge I've participated in the past five years.

If it's not obvious, the challenge would be to paint one faction a month over five months. That should push me over the top for having a respectable variety of painted factions, while still having plenty more to paint later. Below is the menu of options for the five factions.

K'Erin Eru-Kin







Precursor Eldar Exiles

(There are 5+ more that still need cleaned & primed)

Tech Gangers/Tech Zealots Rogue Mechanicus

Gene Renegades / Cultists / Feral Mercenaries / Mercenaries / Mutants / Whatever

(The two loose sprues are Frostgrave cultists & gnolls.)