20 September 2019

10 in 2? EMHRP?

There's a mini challenge on the OWAC group for a squad of 10 in 2 months -- so 5 figures per month. I was thinking about using this as an excuse to really start on the Eclectic Meat-Hating Robot Pirates.

Here were the fist 10 I came up with...

But then I found...

And really, any crew of misanthropic  robot pirates really *should* have a squad of robot flying monkeys. They're Reaper Bones figures, and surprisingly seem decently detailed -- and  very cheap!

12 September 2019

The Armed Mob Grows

Been painting an armed mob for the witch hunter. I think this is all the rabble I have for now, unless I can unearth some more. I do have some others that were previously painted, to bulk up the numbers a little bit more.

09 September 2019

More Followers for the Witch Hunter

Still trying to work out the lighting...

More recruits for the witch hunter. Trying to work in some non-human followers. Looking for some dwarf militia/levy types but they're harder to come by.

And a statue (to be used as an objective)

02 September 2019

New Board and the Witch Hunter

It's been a good holiday weekend. Weather didn't completely cooperate, but for the most part things went well. I got some work done around the house, barbecued some chicken, and enjoyed some down time with my family.

I also got a bit of personal/hobby time in. First off, I painted the Witch Hunter, and started putting a bit of paint on his next few followers.

I hung a new light to brighten the little corner of the cellar that I paint in. It's almost too much light! When I turn my old task light on at the desk, it doesn't make much of a difference, and in fact casts a bit of a shadow. Things may get rearranged. This also may happen because...

I also made a new 3x3 game board. Hopefully I will get to use it for some small skirmish gaming, like Rangers of Shadow Deep. But I also wanted someplace better to take photos of figures. It took a few days (mostly waiting for glue/paint to dry) but the actual work that went into it was brief and easy. The new board matches the larger table/boards I've currently got in storage.

I threw together a makeshift backdrop and tested out a few angles for photos to see if the lighting will work.

31 August 2019

A Hunter Needs Hounds

Working on a witch hunter and his band. Finished painting a couple of hounds. Still working on some followers and the hunter himself.

The old Grenadier halfling in this pic looks strangely like Short Lou Reed for some reason.

30 August 2019

Marsh Troll

I posted this guy lurking behind elves in my OWAC posts, but never posted a proper pic of him on his own... til now.

Citadel c20 marsh troll.

(FWIW: I'm interested in acquiring most of the other c20 trolls, if anyone can assist....)

28 August 2019

Stuff! In the Mail! And a Game!

We're in the week between the end of my daughter's summer day camp, and the start of school. So we've made assorted arrangements to keep her occupied & supervised. Today was, as she called it "daddy & daughter day" -- I took a day off work to spend with her. Unfortunately, bad weather blew my initial plans (mostly outdoor activities) away. But I did have some indoor backup plans. We went out for most of the day and had fun, then came home around dinner.

She's been asking about the Temple of Elemental Evil boardgame, since I've had the box out. We played Dungeon! again a few weeks ago (with my wife as well) and I described it as "kind of like Dungeon! but with a lot more rules. Recommended age is 14+, my daughter's only 8, but she's really bright. A couple days ago she suggested we could play it today, and my wife told me she was talking about it last night & this morning, so who am I to disagree!

We played the first scenario from the campaign. I left out the background about murdered friends and switched the "Massacre Site" tile for the "Oubliette" tile. She played the ranger, I played the cleric. She took to it like a pro -- making me do the dangerous work & act as a tank, while using her archery to pick off all the monsters (and collect all the treasure.)

Her good tactical sense combined with her strong imagination and still being a great age for "pretend play" make me wonder if I should introduce her to some kid-friendly RPG-ing. I follow a few other parents running RPGs with their kids & friends on their blogs & social media. Maybe I should take the dive?

Today I got Stuff! In the Mail! that will supplement several of my ongoing projects. (Thank you Shadespyre!) Half orcs (and one will fit perfectly for a character for which I've been hunting for a figure lately!), high/sea elf, what appears to be a robo-clown (who I'm already generating backstory for) and a witch-hunter.

Also more of the old Citadel "armoured skeletons" which I can probably never have enough of. But this is especially good timing since I recently won an absolute bargain on some of the Black Tree knock-offs, who can serve as back rankers. Add in a few other stray skeleton figures, and I think I've now got a solid sized unit for this year's Deadcember tradition!

23 August 2019

Gaming Table Checkup

As summer winds down, I found myself in the garage and thought try to peek up in the rafters, for my annual checkup of what's left of my gaming table.

Yup. Still there.

I miss it. And my lonely old attic. And time to spend there.

Pic of when the tabletops were first finished.

Context shot from when I was using the table for photographing some figures & (then new) terrain.

19 August 2019

Witch Blaster (early warning)

I painted a few peasants. Quick and crude painting.

I'm also rummaging through old figures for a suitable witch hunter. I came up with these two, though neither fits my original mental image. But I'll see if I can work with them. I think the guy on the left seems more like a witch hunter to me, maybe the guy on the right is a herald of some sort...?

12 August 2019

Spinning Old Figures into the Web

Some old figures painted years ago, but they were out and working their way into the "Althammer" stories evolving in my head.

Long ago the orcs were driven from the Old World. The Old Gods as well. But among the Great Orcs of the Grey Mountains, a few refused to flee or end the fight. For over a hundred years, one of these stubborn beasts -- the Khorc -- has fought on. The legends vary. It is unknown whether the Khorc is a single orc who forged a pact with the Dark Powers and has gained an extended lifespan. Some legends say that he lives as long as he fights. Blood and skulls fuel his body and soul. According to other stories, there have been several Khorcs, each defeating the previous wielder of the great daemonic axe and chaos armour, claiming the artifacts as trophies and extending the battle...

Merchants and adventurers sail the globe to make their fortunes in Marienburg. Some do so under more favorable winds....

06 August 2019

Of the Grill, Elemental Evil, and even more Oathmark

Home alone this past Saturday night. A rare occurrence. The first part of the day was spent being responsible. But I decided to indulge once dinner hit. Grilled some steak and ate outside on a pleasant afternoon. (Saved one for the next morning's breakfast, but my asshole dog ruined that plan.) A few glasses of La Fin du Monde accompanied me through my evening's adventures...

I built (10) more Oathmark humans (a couple of GW heads used for variety again. I've now got (20) built and I'm debating whether to use the remaining for (10) archers or (5) archers and (5) more melee troops.

Then I finally broke the seal on the Temple of Elemental Evil board game I've had sitting around for about 2.5 years. I've been planning to try solo gaming of some sort to scratch the itch, I finally had an evening to indulge...

After reading a little on BGG, I opted to run the solo game with (3) heroes: ranger, cleric, rogue. They struggled to make it through the first scenario, and the unexpected deadly killer of the group is the rogue. In fact, game would have been over already if he hadn't saved it at least twice now. At the end I realized that not only didn't I separate the "advanced" cards out (fought a lot of tough opponents!) but I also forgot to collect treasure until the end of the scenario!

The second mission went much easier.

I'm debating whether I should paint the minis or not.

It was a fun game, and solo is better than no gaming, even if it took this long to get to it. It would have been more enjoyable with friends, though. Still, I hope I can run through the rest of the campaign.

The previous weekend was my daughter's 8th birthday. For the first time, she wanted to have her party at home. We're lucky that her birthday is in Summer, so we have outdoor options available. We borrowed a bounce-house from some friends. The party theme was loosely "monsters" and dressing up/cosplay was encouraged. (My daughter was a zombie.) As I was chaperoning the bounce house, one of the kids dropped this awesome mask over my head and told me I was "a unicorn dad now."

28 July 2019

Oathmark Assembly pt. 1

I experimentally put together some more Oathmark humans. Ten total so far. I mixed in some Citadel bits on half of them (mostly heads). I tried out the advice in the replies from the last entry. I ended up cutting the bases completely off because it was fairly clean & easy. I went with the Citadel beveled bases because they then fit pretty cleanly on those, and also I'm out of my home-made bases and don't have the patience to wait to cut them. ;) But the Citadel bases also help give a little extra height to the minis.

At any rate, the bits mostly mixed well (just a little neck trimming) and they rank up better than I had thought they would! I'm thinking if I pick up a second box, I can field two regiments of 25 melee troops, plus 10 archers. A good core for a small bandit/rebel/militia/whatever force.

21 July 2019

Oathmark vs. GW Comparison

I assembled one of the Oathmark humans to see how it scaled up next to the GW/Citadel Empire soldiers & militia kits. They won't be mixed in regiments, so close enough for me!

Still not sure they will fit on 20mm bases. I can trim the integral base down (or completely off) to make individual figures fit, but I'm not certain they'll rank up in a regiment. Especially once their shields are glued on.

Anyone have any basing experience with these guys? 

Hobbit Scouts

Stole away some bits of time the past few weeks to paint nine hobbity scouts. Just finished the bases tonight. The leader (who has a wonderful Brotherhood of the Wolf look to him) and the Reaper hobbit on the far right were painted previously. Also painted a tiny hawk from Reaper as well.

I need a new photo setup...

20 July 2019

What's New? (July)

July's been a slow hobby month. Work continues to be busy, and we had a death in the family that's hit me pretty hard. Plus trying to fit in some summertime fun/events.

I'm currently blocking out colors on three command figures to supplement the recent OWAC Sea Elves as well as some hobbit scouts. Also starting on two hobbit characters -- one will represent a somewhat upper class mage, the other a wild nature based mage/shaman. 

As a reward to myself for finishing the OWAC, I added back to the "unpainted" side of the equation and bought a box of Oathmark humans. I've been wanting some more rough/irregular types to use as bandits or rural Wasteland militia or rebels, or even just  medium mercenary troops. They look good. The figures appear a little shorter than the older Citadel Empire plastics (a few shown for comparison). But they are still pretty bulky and it looks like the Citadel Soldiers of the Empire and Militia heads will look good on the bodies (and vise-versa). The Perry WotR plastics (not in pic) look thinner all around and I think the heads may, unfortunately, not be as good a mix.

One potential problem, I'm not sure these will fit well on 20mm square bases. So I'm considering two options -- either multi-basing, as I did with the plastic Skeletons, or just switching to 25mm square bases for these. The latter works in the context of one of the conventions among WAB (and other games) players, in which lighter troops are considered as fighter in less dense formations, thus wider bases. Depending on the rules system this could impact their fighting capabilities due to the "footprint" of the figures. Other games it may not make a difference.

I'm thinking some of the Perry Agincourt mounted knights, with some minor conversion work, may make good heavy cavalry counterparts for these infantry. Maybe a bit more like restless "younger sons" from Bretonnia, or mercenaries.

I'm also making a (very small) start on organizing my Althammer setting/campaign ideas. More on that later....

04 July 2019

OWAC June Entry

My final entry in the Old World Army Challenge, more sea elf spear, and the old Elven Attack Chariot.

More words and photos at the OWAC page:   https://oldworldarmychallenge.blogspot.com/2019/07/zerotwentythrees-june-sea-elves-316-pts.html


After painting rank & file, trolls and giants for so long, I feel like a change of pace.

Paint a dragon?

Here's most of my options....

I've also got an old RP frost dragon somewhere, as well as the RP shadow dragon who, unfortunately, could not support the weight of his own wings and sagged until it finally broke from metal fatigue. I keep thinking about making it into land-dragons...

04 May 2019

Start of May Sea Elves and Looking Ahead

I've just finished the first week of what will be about two weeks of a heavy work schedule. There will be much travelling coming up soon, too. May will be the make-or-break month for me in the OWAC. Since there are only two months left, I'm going to do the best to not fail.

My goal for May exceeds the 200 pt requirement quite a bit, but the figure count is still pretty reasonable and I've already started on the higher point value models:

  • Sea Elf Witch
  • 10 Spear elves
  • 1 Champion (lv. 5) (for the spear unit) 
  • 1 Standard bearer (also for the spear unit)

That will leave June's goal as:

  • 10 Wardancers
  • 1 Chariot

Looking further into the future, I also prepped the last few Mirliton half-orcs I need for the unit, now 24 strong. Because I enjoy painting these theme challenges, I may wait until October for them. Between those figures, and the recent Bones KS4 delivery, I've started thinking about how the painting challenges fill out part of the rest of the year, and what other figures I'm looking forward to painting.

  • May: OWAC2 Sea Elves
  • June: OWAC2 Sea ELves
  • July:
  • August:
  • September:
  • October: Half-orcs
  • November:
  • December: Undead

One of the top candidates for filling in those "empty" months is getting back to the (mostly) hobbits & (some) humans of the JTC, I've also still got more Marienburgers, giants, and assorted fantasy critters to paint. Or more undead. And that then there's that robot project that still hasn't launched. Not really going to plan everything out, I'll just paint whatever I feel like at the time. But the hobbits are on my mind...

28 April 2019

Giants to Sea Elves

Richard aka "Orclord" of Stuff of Legends posted an updated photo of some of his giant collection on a few Oldhammer FB groups and it got me thinking about the fact that I've been meaning to do the same thing. End of "Big April" seems like a good time to do it. My own collection is not nearly as large, and I don't have any where good to photograph them all, but for what it's worth...

(click to enlarge)

FWIW, the unpainted giants I still need to work on are: the Mantic giant, the Otherworld giant, and three Reaper Bones giants.

Also, following up on a request for a close-ups of the victim who is about to become lunch for the Heresy giant:

Speaking of giants... not getting any more painted this April, but prepping the next giant(s). I'm debating a head-swap on the Mantic giant -- still undecided.

I've also started prepping minis for the last two months of the Old World Army Challenge. The next two months are going to be horribly busy at work, and I will be doing a bit of travel. So finding time for painting will be challenging.

Since this photo a couple days ago, I've got the separ unit, champion, and the rest of the chariot prepped & primed. Plus I sculpted a new top for the wand on the elf witch, and primed here as well. Just the wardancers to clean & prime now.

Here's the broken wand, with a bit of wire on top to give me something to sculpt on. The idea will be to give it an oyster shell, with the globe in the other hand being a pearl.


Looking forward to tonight's episode of GoTaW (Game of Tits and Wine). I'll be disappointed if it's not a bloodbath.