04 July 2019

OWAC June Entry

My final entry in the Old World Army Challenge, more sea elf spear, and the old Elven Attack Chariot.

More words and photos at the OWAC page:   https://oldworldarmychallenge.blogspot.com/2019/07/zerotwentythrees-june-sea-elves-316-pts.html


After painting rank & file, trolls and giants for so long, I feel like a change of pace.

Paint a dragon?

Here's most of my options....

I've also got an old RP frost dragon somewhere, as well as the RP shadow dragon who, unfortunately, could not support the weight of his own wings and sagged until it finally broke from metal fatigue. I keep thinking about making it into land-dragons...

04 May 2019

Start of May Sea Elves and Looking Ahead

I've just finished the first week of what will be about two weeks of a heavy work schedule. There will be much travelling coming up soon, too. May will be the make-or-break month for me in the OWAC. Since there are only two months left, I'm going to do the best to not fail.

My goal for May exceeds the 200 pt requirement quite a bit, but the figure count is still pretty reasonable and I've already started on the higher point value models:

  • Sea Elf Witch
  • 10 Spear elves
  • 1 Champion (lv. 5) (for the spear unit) 
  • 1 Standard bearer (also for the spear unit)

That will leave June's goal as:

  • 10 Wardancers
  • 1 Chariot

Looking further into the future, I also prepped the last few Mirliton half-orcs I need for the unit, now 24 strong. Because I enjoy painting these theme challenges, I may wait until October for them. Between those figures, and the recent Bones KS4 delivery, I've started thinking about how the painting challenges fill out part of the rest of the year, and what other figures I'm looking forward to painting.

  • May: OWAC2 Sea Elves
  • June: OWAC2 Sea ELves
  • July:
  • August:
  • September:
  • October: Half-orcs
  • November:
  • December: Undead

One of the top candidates for filling in those "empty" months is getting back to the (mostly) hobbits & (some) humans of the JTC, I've also still got more Marienburgers, giants, and assorted fantasy critters to paint. Or more undead. And that then there's that robot project that still hasn't launched. Not really going to plan everything out, I'll just paint whatever I feel like at the time. But the hobbits are on my mind...

28 April 2019

Giants to Sea Elves

Richard aka "Orclord" of Stuff of Legends posted an updated photo of some of his giant collection on a few Oldhammer FB groups and it got me thinking about the fact that I've been meaning to do the same thing. End of "Big April" seems like a good time to do it. My own collection is not nearly as large, and I don't have any where good to photograph them all, but for what it's worth...

(click to enlarge)

FWIW, the unpainted giants I still need to work on are: the Mantic giant, the Otherworld giant, and three Reaper Bones giants.

Also, following up on a request for a close-ups of the victim who is about to become lunch for the Heresy giant:

Speaking of giants... not getting any more painted this April, but prepping the next giant(s). I'm debating a head-swap on the Mantic giant -- still undecided.

I've also started prepping minis for the last two months of the Old World Army Challenge. The next two months are going to be horribly busy at work, and I will be doing a bit of travel. So finding time for painting will be challenging.

Since this photo a couple days ago, I've got the separ unit, champion, and the rest of the chariot prepped & primed. Plus I sculpted a new top for the wand on the elf witch, and primed here as well. Just the wardancers to clean & prime now.

Here's the broken wand, with a bit of wire on top to give me something to sculpt on. The idea will be to give it an oyster shell, with the globe in the other hand being a pearl.


Looking forward to tonight's episode of GoTaW (Game of Tits and Wine). I'll be disappointed if it's not a bloodbath.

15 April 2019

Trolls 3

The three most recent Satyr Art Studio (Drew Williams) trolls have been painted. 

Here they are with the previous sets.

That makes nine. Two of the most recent came with alternate heads. I'm contemplating a few different options to bring the immediate numbers up to ten.

02 April 2019

A Little More

Been working on these three figures since the tail end of Deadcember. Snail's pace given that they're a speed-painting dream, but they're finally done.

My Deadcemnber '19 dream is to get a bunch more old '80s lead skeletons to paint. I have a few more, but not many.

24 March 2019

Almost April - Something BIG on the Horizon

I'm currently wrapping up my OWAC2 entry for March. (No peeks until it's up on the OWAC site.) But I'm also looking ahead to April. Although I will continue to prep minis for the OWAC, I will probably take April as my month off for the challenge. (We get one Mulligan.) Why?

Well, after joining in on different monthly challenges (Deadcember, Orctober, etc.) I've been doing my own thing every April. Big April as I call it. No puns or wordplay. Just painting giants in April because I like giants and one year it was April and I wanted to paint a few giants, so the idea of doing it every year stuck. Last year I got off half-way through painting the Heresy Miniatures giant, Mucklegeet at the end of the month. An awesome and imposing miniature (and I have Shadespyre to thank for mine.) Here's where I left off...

I don't expect that it will take all of April to finish him. So the question currently in my head is what to do with the rest of the time? I have a coupe of ideas:

  • Get a head start on some OWAC minis so I'm not stressed out trying to finish them the next few months. Bwahahahaa. (Not likely. Where's the fun in that?)
  • Paint more trolls. While not giants, they are relatively big when compared to humans.
  • Paint more giants. Makes sense, right? I've still got a few:
  • Sculpt my own giant. I've really been wanting to sculpt more, and the idea of sculpting my own Big April giant has been in my mind for at least a couple of years.
I've got about a week before April, and obviously the above giant will be on my table while I sort it out.

21 March 2019

New Trolls, Old Trolls

Reunited at last! I owned and painted a set of these six Marauder Miniatures MM40 trolls (sculpted by Trish Carden) when the first came out. A little while later, I traded off two of them to a friend, but kept the other four because I had written Mike, Vyv, Neal, and (P)Rick and did some (very) minor conversions appropriate to the names thereon.

A little while ago, inspired by the more recently released Satyr Art Studio trolls (sculpted by Drew Williams) I decided to strip the four trolls and remove the converted bits (which fell apart in the stripper anyway) with the idea of giving them a better paint job than I had back in my early years. But I just couldn't bring myself to do it until I got the other two again and had a full set.

So, once I finally tracked down the missing two a month or so ago, I finally got to painting. They're some of my favorite trolls ever made!

Here are the TrishTrolls alongside the DrewTrolls.

27 February 2019

Old World Army Challenge - February

The February entries are rolling in: https://oldworldarmychallenge.blogspot.com/

I will eventually pull all of my OWAC sea elf entries together in a single page here on my own site. But if you'd like to read about my entries as they come in, what the OWAC is all about, and check out some of the other awesome projects, I encourage you to check out the link above.

A couple of pics:

19 February 2019

Kill Team & Memories

Over the weekend I played my first two games of Kill Team and enjoyed it quite a bit. There's a lot to like in the game. It was also great seeing old friends as well as meeting some new players. I'm looking forward to playing some more.

My 40k minis are all gone, and I have not yet painted my Meat Hating Robot Pirates -- and from the look of it, they're not very suited to proxy for anything in Kill Team. BUT, I did have something else, something old. My old Nurgle chaos cultists, which were built from old Skaven. I used them as proxies for the Genesteal Cult. Thus: Cheese-stealer Cultists. I just needed to paint two large aberrant (didn't get the second one completely finished... yet) and a model with a mining laser (old half finished jezzail conversion.)

I played two games, one against Eldar, the second against Tyranids. Opposite styles of play, and my Cheese-stealers were right about in the middle it seemed - not overwhelmingly good at close combat or shooting, but decent at each. So they did well.

I'm now looking into acquiring some legitimate Adeptus Mechanicus minis. (Though I may turn them into AdMech renegade meat hating robot pirates...)

In addition to playing a few games and visiting with friends, I rummaged through my friend Rich's collection and pulled out a few things to take home. I picked out some wormie things and some beat-up chaos knights, and a pair of old warriors. But the most important thing to me was to have one of his WWI planes. He's the reason I got into WWI aviation, both in terms of gaming and history. I chose an Albatros D.V -- my first love in planes of the period. I never had much luck with it, but I used this model many times over the years (decades!) in games of Blue Max & Canvas Eagles. It's a fine looking model of a fine looking plane. Maybe someday I will finish my own planes (currently stalled... haha) and play some more. Until then, I'll have this one out on display.

I couldn't pass this next one up...

The Grenadier giant on the right was on display in Rich's living room at both houses he had while I knew him. In the latter, he was on a hill facing a dwarf giant slayer (I should have looked for the dwarf so I could recreate the scene at home!) situated on a table beside the TV/entertainment center. He will obviously have a place of honor in my giant collection. If not for the memories, then possibly as the heaviest model I own! I'll need to find a spot for him in our family room.

I also picked out the second giant, on the left as well. It's based on a Larry Elmore painting, a print of which hung in Rich's game room alongside many others.

One final, totally unrelated item. I picked up this from the local craft store...

The Marienburgers need an airship. The basket will be replaced with a suitably sized armed & armored gondola.

14 February 2019

Switching Gears for a Moment

If things go according to plan, I'm going to try out Kill Team this weekend and get to spend some time with some old friends.

Most of my 40k stuff is long gone, and my pirate 'bots don't really fit within the 40k framework, so...

Dusted off my old cultists plus a few half-baked conversions that I'm going to try to finish.

What, no Spaven in Kill Team? OK... let's call them a Cheese-stealer Cult. Mostly shotgun (and a couple of flamer) armed neophyte hybrids, with a couple of Aberrations. That bell? The biggest power hammer you've seen.

Working to tidy up the conversions, not sure they've be 100% painted in time.

Went to the soon to be going out of business (since Michael's bought the chain and then killed them) craft store and spotted these!

I've got some bits that I had (years ago) started trying to pull together into a fantasy airship. I think I'm going to grab a couple of these....

03 February 2019

Big Spooder

Repaired a broken leg, touched up some badly chipped paint, and based this old Grenadier giant spider. 

02 February 2019

(More) Bog Corpses

Painted a few more bog corpse zombies so I'd have enough to use as zombies for Shadow Deep. (I previously painted some as a test last year.)  I think I've got everything I need now -- just need to actually play!

31 January 2019

January Challenge & More Shadow Prep

I've completed my first entry for the Old World Army Challenge! Here's a pic, but go to the OWAC site to read about it!

I've also been doing some more prep work for the first few Rangers of Shadow Deep scenarios. Looking forward to (hopefully) trying the game out soon.

26 January 2019

Shadow Deep Prep

I did a little prep for the first few scenarios in Rangers of Shadow Deep. I'd like to give it a try soon. With another player (or two) if I can manage that somehow, or solo if not. Spiders (mostly repainted & based cheap Halloween toys), web markers, corpse markers, and I touched up some half painted rats from my Skaevn days.

Just a few more things to prep... a few zombies and a couple small terrain pieces/markers.

21 January 2019

February Blues in January

I've only painted a little, but most of that will have to wait for the OWAC blog first. When I'm done with this months entry, of course.

Did some travelling for work.

This weekend we had Snowpocalypse 2019. I had already decided to spend some time painting, though it wasn't going to be for the OWAC. A friend from the Warhammer-Empire forum passed away this week. He had a saying, quoted in another forum member's signature, "... my old suggestion is forget it, take two aspirins and go paint." So I figured I'd set aside some time to do a bit of that in Steve's memory.

I never met Steve ("steveb" on the forum) in person, but have known him for years via the forum. His miniatures collection is legendary. It's huge, but anyone with enough money can buy miniatures. What's inspirational about him, and his collection, is his creativity and wit. He painted a lot of figures. A LOT. Many were converted and when he shared photos of his creations, they were often accompanied by a few comments about their backstory or a humorous fictional anecdote. His passion for the hobby is what was truly the stuff of legends. A consistently wonderful and pleasant person to engage with, he will be sorely missed.

So my goal was to paint a suitable Empire(ish) miniature, so I selected Marco Colombo. I only got part way finished, between waiting for paint to dry and getting distracted trying to fill that waiting time by prepping some markers and minis for Rangers of Shadow Deep (more on that later.) Most of these were old, half-painted things dredged up for service. The obscured minis are top secret stuff for the OWAC.

I painted this miniature for Steve years ago, as part of the Pleasant Surprises miniature trade the forum members used to do every year. When I drew his name I panicked -- what to get the man who not only has everything, but has created a bunch of unique new kitbashes and conversions that the rest of us couldn't even dream of? So I tried to paint something unique.

I had hoped to finish painting the Marco mini today, but that plan was derailed by the need to dig out my car so I can make it to work in the morning. But I feel good -- I still got time to paint in Steve's memory.