30 April 2018

Swordslingers and Spellsellers and Stuff

After reading the Sellswords and Spellslingers rules a month or so ago, I decided there were a lot of things I liked about the rules. I was convinced enough that I bought most of the cards online and picked up some MDF to make a 3x3 tabletop, figuring that I would use it for some sort of skirmish gaming anyway.

Since then I haven't been able to get out to the garage to glue some sand, paint, etc. So today I "gave up" on doing a full oldschool table like the old (larger) one that's been hanging in the rafters for the past few years. The weather was nice, so I spent a quick 10 minutes spray painting a piece of MDF, hoping it will look convincing enough to work with the rest of my terrain. I'm still hoping I can find some time in the next few years to spend a little time gluing sand and then painting it, like I had originally planned.

So... here's the half-assed table in basement where I paint. I put my usual scale-reference handgunner on the table, as well as on of the converted Fomorians. I managed to clear some space near a light, and mostly away from the beams that I usually crack my skull on.

I've got two ideas for starting warbands, and I think I've decided which to try first...

...It won't be all of them. And there will be a more recent entry. These are from the Warhammer-Empire "Pleasant Surprises" miniatures exchange, and I had started thinking about making use of them in some sort of skirmish game a couple years ago. The essential premise will be this:

Rune, Etrigan (just the zweihander), Claus, all three crew members of the Chump Change Artillery Corps, Anvalous, and the (not pictured, and still to-be painted) Artoban's Ghost have been stranded behind enemy lines. Fighting off whatever come their way, while trying to reunite with the rest of the army. The undead King may show up as a villian.

Hopefully I will finally play the game soon....

22 April 2018

Man O' War For Sale

For sale, my entire Man O' War collection. (Photos below.)

Price reduced: $400.

Sold against my better judgement, and if I wasn't screwed for cash at the moment I would still be enjoying all of it taking up space in our basement/attic, like it has for... I can't even remember how long. You know what... I don't deserve to own this stuff. Buyer must promise to actually play games, otherwise I won't sell it to you. In fact, I require photos posted online within... Let's say six months. I think that's a generous amount of time to put a game together. It's a total waste of realy fun gaming and cool miniatures just sitting in boxes. Don't make me come hunt you down and repo these minis for lack of games. I will do it.

Included is:

Man O War, Plague Fleet, and Seas of Blood Boxed sets. Almost complete, missing are the Seas of Blood box and the original Man O War rulebook. I may have the latter hidden away somewhere, but at the very least I will include a reproduction of the rules in a folder or binder.

I haven't played in a long time, but everything else should be present, including some copies of White Dwarf articles for shore forts, maybe other extras. I don't remember. Maybe dwarf ski troops? Maybe I'm thinking of the wrong rules. Most of the chits are sorted in a plastic bin. (You should probably look up the PDFs online, laminate them and use dry erase markers anyway.)

Painted Ships:

(Like I said, it's been forever since I've played, so forgive me if I can't remember all of the proper names...)
  • 2 Empire great ships
  • 3 Empire wolf ships
  • 6 Empire plastic galleys
  • 3 Empire converted big-ass cannon galleys
  • 3 Empire mortar ships
  • 1 Slaanesh whirly-slicer ship
  • 1 Slaanesh deep penetrator ship
  • 1 Dark Elf black ark
  • 3 Dark Elf big lizard tower ships
  • 3 Dark Elf small lizard tower ships
  • 2 Dragons (I think these were Grenadier miniatures from another game)
  • 1 Water elemental (old WFB mini, cooler than the actual MoW mini)
(For what it's worth, the painting of the Empire fleet was inspired by the Great White Fleet. Had a whole backstory/concept behind it...)

Unpainted Ships:
  • 3 Empire plastic galleys
  • 3 Empire metal wolfships
  • Masts for all of the above
  • 3 Empire griffins plus flying bases

Extra stuff:
  • Blue cloth. Has some subtle stripes. I think it fits a 4x8 table.
  • Islands - a few with shore forts, and the Crushing Rocks of SkullDoom or whatever that special bit of terrain was called. The dark rocky ones could use a little touch-up paint. This was one of my first terrain projects, so I made the mistake of using that crappy floral foam. The only reason they survived fairly well is because they're covered in a shell of sand & PVC glue.
  • Icebergs galore. More than you probably need. Useful for other games as well. At this point, I learned the superiority of extruded polystyrene insulation as a terrain material, and owned a hot wire cutter. And I think it was only used like three times, so it looks great.

Price: $500. $400. Buyer pays postage. If, by some odd coincidence, you live within an hour or two of Cleveland, OH, I'm open to discussing delivering it to you. Or meeting somewhere within that 1-2 hour range if you're more like 3-4 hours away and we can agree on a half-way point an delivering to you. Or if you live even further and want to meet somewhere within me driving an hour or two.

I'm too mopey about this whole thing to bother sorting them into a logical order, just browse and click to enlarge...

15 April 2018

Next Giant...

Next up for Big April '18 is the big guy from Heresy Miniatures. Was a very quick cleanup & assembly. Clean casting and fit together well. Didn't even bother pinning, as everything seemed keyed and/or seated very securely.

A pic next to the Marauder giant and my usual handgunner scale reference...

Need to wait for better weather to prime him. I'll also be back in Texas (Houston, this time) for most of this week, so I won't get to work on this one until next weekend, at the earliest.

14 April 2018


Done. May write up some background for Walter in the near future.

It seems like I say this about half the giants I own, but this is one of my favorite models.

13 April 2018

Walter's Loot

Slowly painting Walter's loot. (Yes, that will be his name - or some variation of it.) He's got a pig, goat, goose, maiden, sausages, and a bunch of other little details...

09 April 2018

Big April Progress - Warploque Drunk Walter Skank Jerk Matthau

Progress on the Warploque giant. Big colors blocked out, with various levels of shading & highlighting. Decided that the keg should be full of a nice rich porter. Still a lot of detail to work out on this guy!

As I'm painting, I can't get a certain old image out of my head (stolen internets image)...

...just swap the head with that of Walter Matthau (another stolen internets image)..

01 April 2018

Sellswords and Printed Cards

Stuff! In the Mail!

As mentioned previously, I bought the PDF of Sellswords and Spellslingers recently. I was impressed enough with the possibilities for both solo and co-op skirmish gaming that I ordered the cards from Drive-Through Cards. There are actually four sets of useful cards available. You don't need them all, but the price for professionally printed cards didn't seem bad, so I went for all of them.

At first glance (they just arrived today) the cards look like very nice quality.

I'm hoping to try a solo game soon. Need to build my first band of adventurers!