28 December 2016

Deadcember '16 Crawls to a Close

Woohoo! Managed to sneak in a little more painting time last night and finished (more or less -might need a touch-up or two) the three skeleton heroes: Ennio Mordini, Renzo Avanti, and Richter Kreugar.

27 December 2016

Skeletal Familiar

One of the reasons I tried to hit Deadcember hard right at the start was that I knew the holidays would mean less free time. The new job has sort of compounded that. But, a few weeks later, I have finally snuck in a tiny bit of time for myself. I put down some basecoats on the equipment of three skeletons and re-based an old figure that was painted many years ago, this skeletal familiar (who will just fill in wherever needed, in the current/theoretical plan.)

My new, significantly scaled back goal is to finish the three skeleton heroes (Ennio Mordini, Renzo Avanti, and Richter Kreugar) by the end of the year. If I can finish any of the rest, then it will just be icing on the undead cake. But I'm really hoping I can manage the three heroes -- if I do that, I will be happy.

26 December 2016

Giftsmas '16

We're still working on visiting family for the holiday, but had a nice Christmas morning at home. This year I even got closer to receiving a gaming related gift than I have before, with an awesome retro themed Stranger Things t-shirt. ;)

For fun, we all got new "onsie" pajamas to wear for Christmas eve/morn. (I'm sporting a fuzzy wookie pelt.) 

A week or two ago, I jumped on the opportunity to pick up a second hand set of Northumbrian Tin Soldier "Time Robbers." I loved these figures the second I saw them (earlier this year?) so even though I shouldn't have been buying myself gifts... I couldn't help myself. They arrived Christmas Eve, so that's also like a Christmas present... to myself. ;)

Of course, this means I need to get the rest of the range, now. :)

24 December 2016

Happy Holidays

Not much time for painting lately. But wanted to wish everyone who reads my little blog a happy holiday of choice. Or not. Crom does not care.

Yeah, even recycling my Christmas image/joke from last year... no time for messing around with a new one of those, either.

May you all find that grail of a miniature you've been chasing for years, may your lead mountain grow in spite of painting more (and better) than ever, and I wish all the best for you and your families in the new year!

17 December 2016

Three Birds

Since a couple of people had asked, here's a couple of shots of all three of the vulture creatures I sculpted.

They were sculpted in order from left to right in the top pic. The center one (top pic) is the only one cast, the other two are one of a kind, painted greens. Funny that the one that was cast is my least favorite. I'm not a professional by any stretch, so they were a bit of a learning experience and I recieved some great feedback from the old sculpting mailing list (if that's any indication of how long ago I started!) after doing the first one.

For what it's worth, I was trying to pic up a bit of a shambling oldschool horror movie monster vibe, but also keep some characteristics of a vulture (part o the reason for the odd arms on the cast guy.)

13 December 2016


I got an awesome surprise in the mail!

The painted figure below arrived, from a fellow Oldhammer in the New World member (Ben), as part of the group's holiday trade. (He got the Skrolk I posted a couple weeks ago.)

Perfect figure for my Marienburg army, and beautifully painted!

11 December 2016

Trolls, Terrain, Rejobulation

Deadcember grinds to a halt. There is a reason (several, actually) I was trying to get as much painting in at the beginning of the month as possible. ;)

I did pick up a coir mat to cut up for terrain. That counts as dead right? Dead cropland?

A few years ago when I was initially looking it was impossible to find these coir mats without any graphics or designs. I have no idea why that would be, but I couldn't find plain ones anywhere. I eventually bought one with a decorative border and cut it up to make use of the plain parts of it. Last week, I happened to notice these at the local Home Despot store and grabbed one. I should have got a bunch of them, for extensive croplands. Maybe after the holidays, if they still have them.

I received a set of trolls from Drew Williams yesterday. Beautiful figures!

I've also been rejobulated. I started a new job last week. It's a positive thing, though it was a difficult choice to leave what I had been doing. No time to paint currently. I hope to work painting (and gaming!?) back into the new schedule. I'm back in the land of architecture.

04 December 2016

Deadcember Miscellany

Rapid work on two more figures for Deadcember. And more cheating. ;)

One is a wight that I got in a trade. It was painted very close to my own style, so I just kept the paint, gave him a new shield and base. I think it's another old Citadel figure.

The other is the third of my vulture sculpts. Finally painted after working on the sculpting for many long years, and then the figure has been primed and sitting on my desk since earlier this year. Going with the limited pallette of the Undeadish again -- but I probably still could have done a little better. Worked on it in little five minute increments, whenever I could get to it, over the past few days. I should get a photo of the three sculpts together.

Filling the Ranks (with Skeletons)

Next up for Deadcember's paint-a-thon (December is shaping up to involve more painting than the entire rest of the year at this pace) is a group of five skeletons that I believe are old Citadel. I'm not sure, I got them as part of a trade. They are bigger than the Nightmare Legion, but they will probably end up as filling in odd units either in the Legion or elsewhere, as needed. They're really nice sculpts, I wish I had more that were similar to this. I've had no luck in finding old metal skeletons, though -- other than these, obviously. Shields are Empire heaters with the tiny hole filled in & sanded smooth.

02 December 2016

An Assortment of Large Skeletons

It's officially Deadcember, and I've officially finished the first of the (un)dead.

Skeletal demon and giant from Ral Partha.

Skeletal ogres from (left to right): Ral Partha Europe, Justin from the Oldhammer FB group, Ral Partha Europe, and Krakon Games.

 Time is getting a little tighter for me, so I cut a few corners but I still think they all look pretty good!