12 April 2023

Families and Dragons

Last year I had a bit of eBay drama that left me with a headless dragon. I didn't want to let a classic sculpt go to waste, so I made do with a substitution. :) He looks so sad, I figured I'd give him a pet dog to help cheer him up. Not sure where I got the dog from.

Body & wings are old Tom Meier sculpt from Ral Partha. Head is a spare from the Satyr Art Studio trolls.

Speaking of dragons, I've been on a bit of a roll with them. Yet another old Tom Meier/Ral Partha dragon. Cold drake, more specifically. This one is a repaint of an old figure from my childhood.

I also finished the whole owlbear family. Mama had to go through some reconstructive surgery. I had to sculpt a new beak after dropping her and half of the original broke off. Owlbro & eggs are from Westfalia, the rest are 3d prints I received for Christmas, sculptor unknown.

Speaking of families, I've had these two Reaper half-orcs partially painted on my table for a couple of YEARS. I recently was inspired by the idea of them being a family of successful merchants dealing in exotic wares. Figured they also needed a kid (forget where I got them from). Pet and caravan coming soon. But right now I'm stuck on colors for dad's clothing!

01 April 2023

Red Dragon

The first big dragon I painted when I was a kid was a Grenadier red dragon. That figure is long gone, but it was the inspiration for painting this old Ral Partha/Citadel dragon that I bought from eBay last year and recently repaired (broken tail). A bit monochrome, I'm tempted to go back and touch it up a bit. But here it is for now.

Since I've been dabbling with painting dragons again the past year or two, and I'm not sure all of them have made it here, I think I may set up a dragon gallery. I should do the same thing for my giants. And update the undead galleries... when I get the time!