15 January 2023

More 'Shrumans & Shroomfolk

Two more 'shrumans painted. I definitely like how these have turned out and will be making some more. I only have a few more zombies worth of bits from the old kit left. Will need to find some other bodies/parts to use after that.

And here's a group shot of all of the Shroomfolk so far.

14 January 2023


As 2022 got busy, I slacked off updating this blog and various ongoing threads at the Lead Adventure Forum. I still shared pics on Instagram, and occasionally on a couple of FB groups. But those social media outlets have been less than satisfying.

So I'm aiming to get back to the blog and LAF more.

Part of my atonement, apparently, is catching up. I recently shared a photo of Owlbro's new family, but now realize I never shared Owlbro himself! He's a resin figure from Westfalia Miniatures. I'm honestly not even sure why I bought an Owlbro in the first place. But it was a fun figure to paint and looks pretty cool. And, per the Christmas update, he now has a family.

11 January 2023

Ach! It's Them! The 'Shrumans!

 First two 'Shruman test figures.

I'll write more later, but the basic idea is to apply the real world zombie ant fungus to humans (or former humans....) in a more whimsical way in a fantasy setting.

08 January 2023

A Little Bit in the New Year

Failed on my End of Year/New Year entry. I'll get back to that and do it right. I've been busy & stressed out.

For now, here's a few things I've worked on latelyish.

Chaos familiar. I didn't fully appreciate how well the face was sculpted until I painted it. The whole range of familiars is really great. I've got an incomplete (half-ish?) set. Maybe I should collect the rest...

Santa brought Owlbro a family. :D

I just couldn't leave the figure alone. Too much color on the scythe. This time I'm really done. No more touch-ups...

Random new development.... 'shrumans. These are the first four.

The 'shrumans will compliment Fried's Shroomhost. I also painted the two big bruisers in the front last week. Would like to get a couple more, as well as some more variety of 'shroomfolk.

Sneaky OWAC teaser.