Five Parsecs from Home

Five Parsecs From Home

This page is the public part of my attempt at planning and organizing a collection of figures for sci-fi skirmishes. I'll be using Five Parsecs From Home as my starting point. So below is a list of various options for opponents (some overlap with crew options) and my progress in collecting and painting the figures. There will be a lot of overlap with some options. For example, military/mercenary types will use the same pool or figures. But if one group becomes recurring or notable, they may get their own unique figures at some point. I'm also working on a heavy modification of the "Roving Threats" table, to fine tune it to the setting I've got in my head and the available figures.

Not included below are crew, unique and supporting characters. I'll expand with those later. Right now I'm focused on building a pool of adversaries.

Gangers, Punks, Hulker Gang, Roid Gangers, Starport Scum

I have a decent mix of figures, but I'm sure I will add more as time goes on.

Raiders, Pirates
Goblins... in spaaaaace! Legend says their origin is related to the Melkor Event and the catastrophic planetary transformation in the Thandgorodrim system. But this is just conjecture.

Anarchists, Abandoned, Vigilantes, Isolationists, Colonial Militia, Gunslingers
Working on it. Possibly a mix of Stargrave kits.

Cultists, Zealots

Working on it. No idea what to use for these yet.


These will be figures reused from other categorizes. Ex.: Psycho Militia, Psycho Scrappers, etc. depending on the circumstances.

Brat Gang

Working on it. I love the idea, and good opportunity for unique figures. But probably low on my priorities.

Gene Renegades, Feral Mercenaries

Working on it. I'm thinking about merging these two for simplicity. Kitbashing some Northstar gnolls seems the easy road. Khurusan has some kitties, but they are really heavily armored.

K'Erin Outlaws, K'Erin Colonists

I initially had different idea for my take on the K'Erin, but although I liked the test figure, I've had no motivation to assemble and paint more. So I have changed my mind. I've wanted to buy & paint some of the Die Hard Miniatures sci-fi Eru-Kin since they first appeared. Eventually I caved in and bought a small force, figuring a small number would be good for Five Parsecs. I may still change my mind back to the Hadross figures, as I think I had a good concept - in fact, they fit the concept better. But the Eru-kin will probably get painted first. This will probably be muddy ground for a little while.

Skulker Brigands, Skulker Mercs.

Luckilly, I already had a small band of Spaven before picking up Five Parsecs.

Tech Gangers, Tech Zealots  Rogue Mechanicus

Working on it. 40k/Alt-Trader stuff. Not Dark Mechanicus. Just rogue Mechanicus. Mechanicus with no loyalty to the Emporer, nor to chaos.

Enforcers, Corporate Security, Guild Troops, Unity Grunts

I'd like to have more than one option for figures, to indicate the different factions. But for now, this will be my proxy for all.

Black Dragon Mercs, Rage Lizard Mercs, Blood Storm Mercs, Renegade Soldiers, Unknown Mercs 

I need to sort this section out a little better. Maybe just develop my own mercenary factions using the ones in the rulebook as a template. But for now, there's this, from Skull and Crown ...

...and also... I've been working on some of Satyr Art Studio's sister marines. Many more to be painted!

Black Ops Team, Secret Agents, Assassins, Bounty Hunters

Working on it. Not sure how to differentiate these from some of the other groups above.

War Bots, Security Bots

Cheap, speed painted plastic toy robots. Maybe I will replace them, maybe they will grow on me (like the Spiders from Mars) and stick around. But for now they are a quick and cheap way to get another squad into the pool of figures available for gaming.

I also picked up some Buzz Lightyear toys on clearance. I was after the ships & drop pods for terrain, but painted by the robots because... why not? I was aiming for a retro sci-fi aesthetic. The Gort Squad! (I need a few more....)


Attempted weird stuff.


After some consideration, I decided the easiest thing to do would be to utilize some Oathmark humans along with some old Citadel bits for some mar variety in heads, and a couple of "brutal melee weapon:  specialists

...and now also alien primitives!

Precursor  Eldar Exiles

I've got more than enough painted Eldar pirates. But I do have plans to paint scouts at some point (half are primed & ready for paint, shown in the last photo), so they may make an alternate "exiles" themed group at some point.

Swift War Squad

These figures from Khurasan Miniatures seem to fit perfectly. One with a weapon swap.

Soulless Task Force, Converted Aquisition, Converted Infiltrators

Found them! Before I even got Five Parsecs, I had two bot figures that I got in a random eBay purchase and loved, but all attempts at getting more lead to a dead end (no longer produced). Eventually, Heresy Miniatures not only picked up the old range of figures, but added some new ones! At some point I may find or kitbash some different figures for Converted, but for now these will do.

Planetary Nomads
These can also double for raiders, vigilantes, or generic scavengers, partisans, etc. Figures sculpted by Mark Copplestone, a mix  of old Grenadier "Future Wars" figures and newer Copplestone Castings figures.

Salvage Team

Working on it. Skull & Crown's Thorngrim and Company figures will (appropriately) be filling this role. Part of the crew in the photo below.

Abductor Raiders

Reaper alien greys. Plastic and a little bendy.

Swarm Brood Spiders From Mars

Until I find more "alien" type bugs, these Spiders From Mars will do. Or I may will just keep these, as I'm growing fond of them already.

Razor Lizards, Carnivore Chasers  

Sand Runners

Working on it. Or these may get replaced with alternates that fit my available models & setting better.

Void Rippers

I went with something a little different and think it works well!

Large Bugs  Purple Worms
Six painted so far. I will probably need to add a couple more, but this is all I had for now.

Vent Crawlers  Astro-Zombies

"Prime directive: exterminate the whole human race."


Inter-dimensional victims of teleport accidents? Aight. These seem creepy enough.

Supporting Characters

Other figures.

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  1. How are there no comments here?! This is bad f'ing ass, well done 👏👏👏

    1. Thanks! I just uploaded a new pic above & hope to keep updating until I fill all of them... And probably more

  2. Great work with this list, saw it on an FB. I'm slowly building my enemy collection, so this will be useful.

  3. This is so amazing! This is the kind of unstoppable creativity that every wargame company needs to understand! I especially love the robots, do you happen to know where you found them?

    1. Thanks! The robots are from a variety of sources (and a couple are kitbashed from junk & bits). If you click on the "Robots" tag (doesn't show up on mobile) I usually mention manufacturer in the post where I first painted them.