19 November 2023

November Minis

A little bit of a shift going on in ZeroTwentythreeLand.

As much as I've looked forward to it every year for the past five or six years, I am going to pass on this year's Old World Army Challenge. There's just too much in flux, and although I have melodramatically struggled the past few years in my monthly entries, 2023 was honestly very difficult and a bit of a let down for me. The OWAC is meant to be a challenge, but also fun. I also feel like I didn't keep up with everyone else's projects very much, which is usually half the enjoyment. I also feel that my current interests diverge from the "Oldhammer" canon.

I've mentioned in some of my recent entries, I will instead be pursuing my own monthly challenge in order to help push me over the edge for some sci-fi solo gaming, hence the Five Months From Painted Factions challenge. I am actually off to a really good start.

Per previous entries, the goal is to start playing some Five Parsecs solo games in my own "Alt Trader" sci-fit setting. To help facilitate that, I will try to frantically paint figures for some of the many factions in Five Parsecs, as well as some terrain each month to provide me with a decent table to actually plat some games!

Thus... I now have the Soulless faction completed. I forget who originally started these sculpts/range, but Heresy Miniature picked up the ones that were previously available, added a couple to the set and started casting them a year or more ago. I had two of the ten and the figures were exactly what I wanted. So I bought a couple packs from Heresy and finally got them painted. My own concept in my Five Parsecs/Alt Trader setting is that they are a former security team who got sick of the corporate shit and have gone off on their own.

Speaking of going off on their own, I painted this chaos renegade-ish figure from Satyr Arts. I liked the idea of a renegade sister from the merc. company I have (barely) started, so tried to keep a similar color scheme. Such a cool, old-school figure. Drew Williams (sculptor) always seems right on target with his "Oldhammer" sculpts. This one is a great tribute to one of the original RT figures.

Speaking of Oldhammer, this little orange guy will serve as a... I don't know. Little space blob sidekick?

Each month I will attempt to figure out and prep/paint some sort of terrain so I can actualy start playing some games!! Here's the latest, some barely modified segments from a "mini brands" type sphere, plus a cap from some feminine shaving cream with some miscellaneous plastic bits added on. Hopefully looks like some sort of small scale radiation harvester set-up or equally vague sci-fi-B.S. ;)