30 July 2011

Ideal Game Table Size

Lets say you were thinking of building a gaming table, and the room in which it would be set was pretty large. Let's also say that said gaming table would be used mostly for 28mm gaming, but also some smaller scales on occasion. Let's also say it would be used for a variety of games, and by different people, playing anything from ancient mass battles to 20th century urban warfare.

What reasonable size would you aim for?

All of my tables have been 4'x8' but given the chance, I'd like to try something a bit larger in the future. I think 6'x12' would probably be the extreme limit. Maybe 5'x10'?

29 July 2011

Two New Little People

Two new additions to the household. One significantly more important than the other.

First is our daughter, Abigail, born Thursday morning at 12:08am. She's beautiful, healthy and happy -- as is her mother. She is our first (only?) child, and has already captured her fathers heart.

On a less profound note.... the day before the baby arrived, I painted a hobbit figure I picked up from Reaper Miniatures, to use as my character in our RPG campaign. Nob Scrobbleton, rustic but ambitious hobbit trader of herbs and other exotic commodities, turned adventurer.

19 July 2011

Medieval Burgundians For Sale

Per my last entry, I'm getting a little desperate. I have actually found a new job, which I start in August, and should get my back on my feet again. But in the interest of avoiding losing my car & both our phones any day now, I've still got to raise some cash ASAP. So I've decided to offer up my Burgundians as well as the previously posted Skaven. I hate to do it, but once again, my loss is your gain. I can be contacted at my user/blog name (at)gmail.com


Painted 28mm Burgundians (15th Century Ordonnance, Charles the Bold)

Figures are all painted, mounted on a mix of single and group bases, with infantry having a 20x20 "frontage x depth", and cavalry having 25x50. All bases magnetized. Figures are a mix of at least half being Front Rank, the rest being a mix of Crusader, Old Glory, and Grenadier (Copplestone sculpted figures currently being sold by Mirliton.)

Totals: 167 Infantry, 27 Cavalry, 2 guns
Price includes shipping to most locations around the world.

Photos of many of the figures, both in-progress and finished are available here:

You can also hit the Burgundian tag here for some of it.

64 Archers
30 Ordonnance Pike
25 Low Countries Pike
14 Crossbow
10 Hangdunners
21 Dismounted Gendarmes/Heavy Men-at-Arms
21 Gendarmes
6 Coustilliers
3 Artillery Crew
1 Light Cannon
1 Organ Gun
80mm frontage of pavises on separate bases
180mm frontage worth of stakes on separate bases

The numbers above include command figures, including a suitably ducal looking cavalry figure.

I will also throw in a few unpainted artillery crew figures, since I only ever got around to painting three.

13 July 2011

Skaven For Sale

Selling. Cash only. Losing my job and having baby on the way are forcing me to sell off some of my gaming collection. Reluctantly. My loss is your gain. Buyer pays shipping and any extras (insurance, etc.)


Skaven - Painted

Basing note: All bases are magnetized. That's how I travel with my army. Most are basswood with magnetic sheet on the bottom. Figures are either glued straight to the base, or in the case of many of the metal figures, the tabs have been cut and they have been pinned as well. I used white/PVA glue to stick the figures on the base, so if you don't like the basing, they shouldn't be too difficult to remove. Most of the group bases include extra scenic elements like arrows stuck in the ground, rats running among the troops, mushrooms, etc.

90 Plastic Clanrats: $270
These are the previous multi-piece clanrats, with some giant rats mixed in to accomodate the figures ranking up. They are all based on magnetic bases, with a mix of single bases and multi-bases. The multi-bases accomodate a lot of the conversions and "unruly mob" look I was after. Two units of 30 were designed to have the front rank holding large improvised shields (inspired by the historical "shield wall" concept) with the second rank attacking over their heads. These have been used for years, and as anyone who has had these figures can tell you, there will be a sertain amount of snapped tails involved. I've tried to make repairs & repaints where I can. Just understand these are well painted/converted gaming figures, not display pieces. ;)

30 Metal Plague Monks: $100
"Brotherhood of the Red Pox." Mounted on magnetic bases, a mix of single based and multi-based. I traded for the figures, whoever had them before me cut off a few of the second hand weapons for some reason. Hard to notice in the mob. I have added a painted banner to the standard since the first photo was taken.
Pic of the monks with the Furnace, for reference, so you can see the banner. (Furnace sold separately!!)

6 Plage Censor Bearers: $30
Mix of metal and converted plastic figures. Painted to match the "Brotherhood" above.

Plague Furnace: $100
A lot of hard work and... blood went into this. Not sure why I don't have a finished pic of the Furnace, but below are a couple WIP shots without the crew finished, nor the base on two of the photos. The crew & plage priest are painted to match the monks & PCBs above.

10 Metal Clan Eshin Gutter Runners/Assassins: $60
10 of the figures from the group below in the pic. I will supply maximum variety (at least one of each pose.)

4 Swarms: $40
Mix of actual GW "swarm" stands & rats on scenic bases.

Converted Skaven Themed Game Turn Counter! $100
Converted from the old Doomwheel, plus some other bits. Rotate the engineer on his throne so that it points to whatever turn it is. Magnetic base. The standard was painted black with the intention of painting a symbol or a tick mark for every defeated enemy, but I never got around to it. But all the better for you to do it after you buy this unique conversion from me! ;)

Rat Giant! $100
100% Scratch sculpted giant rat critter, accompanied by his Clan Moulder escort on his base. Previously used as a DoW giant in previous editions, I've used this as an Abomination since the latest army book came out. Based on a 50x50 magnetized base. You will need to add a secondary base (I was using a metal base, built up in the front and back) or rebase him to match the new base size. Scupted with a durable mix of epoxy putties on a heavy gauge wire frame.

1 Converted Plague Wind Mortar (PWG figure not included)

Old metal Grey Seer on old metal Screaming Bell: $100
One of the centerpieces of my army. It's on the old sized base, so I've been slipping another base under it for games until I got a chance to rebase it. The Seer is has a pin in one foot, that fits into a hole on the top of the bell. Also included is one matching 20x20 infantry base with two holes, so if the bell is destroyed you can remove the Seer and put him on an infantry base.

Photos still to come on these:

46 Metal Slaves: $140
Magnetic bases, mix of group and single based. These are the skinny slaves released for a short time in 6th edition, mix of poses & weapons, including a musician.

46 Metal Slaves: $140
Magnetic bases, mix of group and single based. These are the skinny slaves released for a short time in 6th edition, mix of poses & weapons, including a musician.

1 Ratling Gun: $15

1 Ratling Gun: $15

1 Warp Firethrower: $15
Original Jes Goodwin sculpt

1 Warp Firethrower: $15
Original Jes Goodwin sculpt

1 Converted Warp Grinder: $15
Converted from fogires from the old metal WLC plus other bits. Painted, but here's some pics of the figure before being painted:

8 Jezzail Teams: $80

1 Warp Lightning Cannon: $55

9 Poisoned Wind Globadiers: $30
Old (original Jes Goodwin) metal figures. Mounted on old 25mm round bases. I haven't had much trouble using them, but probably need rebased for current ultra-competative WFB environment. I will throw in 9 unused 20x20 bases.

7 Rat Ogres, 20 Giant Rats, 5 Clan Moulder Packmasters: $100
I will throw in unassembled/unpainted bits for a couple more packmasters and some more giant rats as well.

Skaven - Unpainted:

New Plastic Doomwheel: $25
Everything on sprues except one of the two optional driver heads (used in a conversion, above.)

9 Poisoned Wind Globadiers: $25
Old (original Jes Goodwin) metal figures. Bare metal.

Metal Verminlord: $25
Bare metal, unassembled.

30 New plastic clanCrat spearmen: $35
Converted with extra long ("pike") spears. Assembled, based & primed black (one test model is paint.) Shields separate, but included. Photos of the first 20 after they were assembled/converted:

You may be able to find more pics, info, and see how your new troops have performed in battle here:

06 July 2011


Given all the changes I'm dealing with, maybe I should just consider 6mm gaming?

I do prefer larger scale games. Money, time & space are getting tighter.

Maybe this...


...would give a me good excuse to change gears as well. Given the relatively easy learning curve, I might even be able to get some new blood interested. Not sure how many people I know have any interest in the musket era, though.

Anyone have any opinions on 6mm vs. 10mm? I've never really compared before. I've mostly been a 15mm & 25/28mm guy.

05 July 2011


Employment and financial problems continue. Its looking like I will be selling off a lot of my gaming stuff. I will be posting a list of all my Skaven figures in the near future, and probably sell them unit by unit. I have some more difficult choices after that, but I think the next two on the sales floor may be the Man-O-War collection and the Burgundian army. I will probably try to sell each of those as single lots first. I'm going to try to hang on to the ancients as long as possible, before getting desperate enough to part with them.

It sounds like the RPG campaign may be winding down already, too. I'm a bit down about that. We only manage to get together maybe once a month (originally started as every second week) and a couple of the players have jumped into a more modern game elsewhere. I've been enjoying the RPG "flashback" and it has been a good way to unwind.

I (still) haven't painted any figures recently, but I have been doing other painting. This weekend I painted the (soon to arrive) baby's room. We're going with a whimsical enchanted forest theme. The past few months I've also been working on some cartoon-y paintings to hang in the room. I've had to squeeze out some free time where ever I can, but I've got three of the planned four done already. The baby is due sometime in the next few weeks. So it will be a race to get the last one done!

"Seem What the Owls Are Not," "The Rabbit, The Treefish and the Inchworm," and "Flight of the Cuttlefish." I've gone through a pile of ideas for the fourth one but I think it will end up being a partner for the center one. I told my wife I could probably keep going and cover the walls, given time and materials to do so. I'm contemplating scaling that down, though, and instead making a (or several) home made children's story book(s) instead.