28 May 2017

23 May 2017

Old Frost Giant

I added one last RP Meier giant to my collection. I was trying to get it before "Big April" ended, but missed out. Still, it didn't take too long to track on down for a reasonable price.

And a shot of the three RP Meier giants together.

...so far. Should I try to get the rest? I think these are some of the best of his giants from that period.

General painting note... I added a thin blue ink wash (Superman style?) to the newest giants hair & beard, and
think it really helped give the black/grey a bit of life and extra punch & contrast!

21 May 2017

Halfling Owlgryph

Halfling owlgryph! It's a metal Reaper Miniatures figure, with the top half of the (tiny) dwarf rider swapped out for the top half of a Westfalia halfman. I swapped the halfling's sword for the dwarf's spear/lance, though, as I thought it was a more appropriate weapon


13 May 2017

Failed Gaming

My plans for going to the Oldhammer in the North event have fallen apart.

Last weeks Game Day plans also got screwed up. Couldn't get out of the house until several hours later than planned, and had to return early.

That's been the only gaming that I've managed to even try top plan so far this year, and there's nothing else on the horizon.

Travelling long distances to game isn't practical, and quite frankly, as the sole source of gaming -- that's pretty stupid to begin with.

Attempts at generating interest in gaming locally have pretty much failed.

Solo gaming is dead in the water with nowhere to play now.

After getting chased out of my initial painting spot at the new house, the basement is running into just as many, if not more problems.

So... morale is at a new low. I'm even starting to think about selling all my gaming shit again. One of the things holding me back (aside from nostalgia) is the finality if it. If I unload my gaming shit again -- that's it. Done for good.

09 May 2017

Disciples Aaaaaalmost Done

Got the four command figures done for the Disciples, but all my photos turned out pretty crappy. I have two more troopers to dig out and paint, then I will get a good final photo. I have a second command set, but not sure I will paint them anytime soon. 

Starting to think about what to paint next...

(Although nothing is certain...)

06 May 2017

Game Day & Disciples WIP

Finally had my first games of 2017, at my old gaming group's semi-regular Game Day. Unfortunately, I couldn't get out of the house until two hours after I had planned, and then needed to leave before the last round of games. But I got to jump into game of WWII air combat, and play -- and win (for the first time?) a game of Circus Maximus. And as always, it's good to see old friends. I wish I was able to do this more, and not be so rushed.

 Later in the evening, I got a chance to base the cultists I have been working on. A bunch of the Disciples of the Red Dead Redemption troopers, an old (chaos?) wizard, and one of the new "oldhammer" figures (this one from Ramshackle Games) I got at the last Oldhammer USA day. I thought the latter two would fit well with the unit, and I'm not disappointed!

I'm still in the process of painting the four command figures from the Disiples unit.

01 May 2017

Big April '17 GIant Roundup

A quick roundup of this year's Big April, plus some group shots of the painted portion of the collection so far. Too many big minis -- had trouble photographing them, even in batches!

Painted April 2017:

Painted Meat-giants as of April 2017: 
(Note: I didn't paint the big guy on the left)

Painted Skeletal Giants:

And just for completeness, my ratgiant...