06 March 2012


I'm heading to Cold Wars on Thursday, and will be (hopefully) selling a lot of my collection at the flea market.

I am still considering a skirmish project. So I'm considering what I may buy while I am there, using some of the flea market proceeds. I think I'm on to something:


vs. Pirate women.

vs. Robots.

vs. ....

...well, you see the pattern. I'll just paint up no more than a dozen of whatever figures I feel like at any given time, and work a game around that. This gives me an excuse to pick of a second pack of Black Scorpion pirates, a few more cowboys, and a reason to get some of the Hydra Miniatures retro robots. I'm now regretting I got rid of my single squad of early war WWI French a while ago, that might have been a good addition.

I'm considering adapting some mechanics from a couple of older games, Killzone and Bladestorm. We'll see how it goes.

I spent a little time this evening unpacking & setting up a little work space in the dungeonous basement, under the clothes lines. Far from ideal for quite a few reasons, but hopefully I can work something else out in the not too distant future (provided I even have time to use it.)

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