15 July 2012

Marienburg So Far

Still unpacking & such at home. Took a photo of the painted portion of my Marienburg army -- not all of which is really Empire-by-the-book. (I think I could field about 6000 points in the current rules.)

It got me thinking about the WFB of my youth. My friends and I used to get together over Christmas/winter break and play a giant multi-day game of WFB, trying to put as much of our armies on the table at once. We still used a pre-determined points limit. We also had some really basic scenario rules (usually just an objective, centered around capturing Santa Claus and his sleigh of goodies.) This was way back in the days of 3rd edition.

At any rate... thinking about a big game now. Bigger than what's pictured in the above image. Need to get back to painting!


  1. Impressive. You should have put it up for the Fogoblogtheque big army day;

  2. Nice work, that is a good sized army. Really nice.

  3. Impressive line-up so far, and looking good. Interesting to see what you add next though.

  4. Heh, I didn't see the Figgybloggy thing before. My photo isn't very good, though.

    Coming up next? Probably clearing out odds & ends of the spearmen, artillery crews, etc. just to finish off the figures I've got prepped. The big project I'd really like to do for thi army is to get a horde of halberdiers assembled & painted. That and get to work on those elephant riders I posed a few weeks ago.