20 February 2015

Photo Pages

I am going to start putting together photo pages for my current project(s). These will appear in the links at the top of the blog (or a pull down navigation menu on the mobile version.) Right now there is only the Army of Marienburg, and just a few photos there so far. I will add more as time permits.

I think I'm also overdue in assigning my domain (www.zerotwentythree.com) to the blog. For years it has just forwarded viewers to the Blogger (zerotwentythree.blogspot.com) site. It's about time that I (finally) set up Blogger to just incorporate my domain. I'd like to set that up sometime soon, too.

Sorry, no new photos of painted figures. I have some other pressing deadlines to meet by the end of February, so not much painting for another week or so.

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