09 September 2015

Skeletons and Much Bigger Skeletons

Another unit of old Citadel skeletons, and three giant skeletons. The latter are (from Left to Right) a skeletal troll from RAFM, skeletal giant from Reaper, and a skeletal cyclops from Grenadier/Mirliton. All three are very nice figures, and are about the same size & scale (if the troll was upright.)

I am still on the hunt for more skeletal ogres that will fit with the two from Ral Partha Europe. I keep thinking about trying to sculpt my own -- and have two ogre skulls started -- but that takes more time than I usually have available. The only reason I can paint most of these skeletons & undeadish at a fast rate is the simplicity of the colors & painting style.


  1. Great stuff. You have a talent for finding a new angle on these old mini's.

  2. These gaints look great! I especially like the middle one. I enjoy your work, keep it up.