06 May 2018

Need for Bushes

I'm really trying to play an actual game, and set in the evolving make-believe world/campaign I've got in my head. The arrival of Sellswords and Spellsingers, as I've mentioned before, has spurred me on to finally try some solo gaming -- especially since my old plans have been mostly killed by lack of space since our move. So for the past few weeks, I've been slowly making plans. After initially selecting a warband for the Warhammer-Empire miniatures exchange minis, I've completely changed gears and decided to go with Plan B. In fact... maybe that should be their name: Plan B.

After a harrowing journey through the Grey Mountains and his narrow escape from the Barrow, Zogmar finally grew a little more cautious. An almost "strategic" thinking started to creep in as he began recruiting among the misfits and dispossessed of the foothills and  Bitter Moors. From his small retinue he selected Zomar's Finest. Six of the brightest, strongest, or most talented (in some manner) among a sad and motley group to undertake a scouting mission with broad goals: find easy targets for supply & looting, determine strong points to be avoided, and aid in locating recruits for the proto-horde. Plan B, some witty half-orc called them, as the main force was taking up the safer mission of raiding isolated farmsteads and recruiting among small camps of bandits and outcasts.

They may have been viewed as an accessory to the main action, but their mission proved the stuff of legends... at least among Zogmar's camp.

The first mission they will be undertaking is... a trap! After raiding along the foothills of the Grey Mountains, Zogmar's forces hit one wrong target -- a small inn at a crossroads frequented by the small garrison assigned to the western roads. Several small detachments of guards have been sent to keep the mysterious raiders from venturing further east -- precisely where the Finest have been ranging in recent days. After quietly scouting out the area, the Finest are trying to slink back out of the area. As they travel along a shallow gully in the Moors, something doesn't seem right. Spike, probably the most attentive & savvy of the group, calls out his suspicions, and the party proceeds cautiously...

In terms of Sellswords, the mission is a modified Through the Badlands -- which I will call Through the Wastelands. Some alignment swapping fun... orcs & troll for guards and ogre.

I just need some more bushes! Of all the stupid things... Luckilly I've made some before. Like the ones in the back of the second pic. Hopefully I can crank some more of those out soon -- or just go buy some lichen or similar crap from the local craft store!


  1. Its one of those golden rules of wargaming... No matter how much terrain you but (or make) there never seems to be enough.

  2. Looking good. To keep gaming mojo I'd just go with the lichen. You can throw it straight on the table.