07 November 2018

Also on the Desk

Prepped a few more minis I may want to paint soon. There's another KoW tournament in January. I've only done two, but I'm sort of burned out on the tournament thing already. But as my options are limited, I might do it again. Contemplating a Kingdom of Rhordia list. A bit premature, since I was planning on trying to fit a JTC army into that list. But I don't have nearly the minis painted for it that I'd like to.

But at the very least, a couple of mounted hobbit spellcasters would be nice. One, a bit more "feral", has temporarily dismounted.

Honestly, if I'm going to do a Rhordia list anytime soon, I really need to paint up a boatload more hobbits. I may go back to undead again for this event. As long as I prepped the minis, though, I'd like to paint these two soon.

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