30 September 2020

Squad Challenge - Dwarfs?

Last year after the Old World Army Challenge, I learned there was a smaller, more relaxed "off-season" challenge in Oct. & Nov. in which any of the OWAC participants who wanted to paint a 10 person squad or unit. I ended up doing double-double duty last year and painted 24 half-orcs which also coincided with Orctober. Doubleplusgood!

This year I've been looking at a couple of options, but a new one jumped out at me today and I thought I would elaborate a little with a group photo.

Similar to the sea & wood elves, half-orcs, trolls, fomorians and other minor factions, I've had a small dwarf sub-faction developing for many years. In my mind, they're much more an integral part of the Marienburg forces (which are largely mercenary anyway)... but I've always had a thought to expand them to a more fully developed (yet small) faction.

Here's the state of things right now.

(click to enlarge)

Handguns, pistols, and a couple of crossbows.


Pike/spear in back, dwarf-style zweihanders up front.

Light artillery in back, sword & buckler skirmishers in front.

Yes, we have a mage. Or at least a wise elder.

So on to the possible challenge figures...

Primed & ready figures. I'm thinking about adding to the pike/spear regiment for the 10 figure challenge. In terms of the rest of the force I've got waiting in the wings (or bins) I have the actual Marauder cannon/siege gun, more artillery crew, a few more (duplicate) command figures for the spear/pike regiment(s), 6 (I think) of the White Knight dwarf spear/pike, and a few odds and ends. Maybe not quite enough to round out the force the way I would like, but it will still get me closer.

Confession: I still view these as distinctly mercenary and at some distant point in the future wouldn't mind doing a small, more "traditional" dwarf clan contingent as well.


  1. Plenty of room for varied Dwarves. Between 84 and 87ish you had Dwarves, Imperial Dwarves, Norse Dwarves, Marauder's landsnekt Dwarves... and that's just from Citadel. I've got a full set of Norse Dwarves here somewhere...

    1. When I first started playing I bought & painted a little of everything. As my friends and I started working with larger, more homogeneous armies, I traded a lot off and focused on two large forces: Skaven and Dwarfs. I eventually lost interest in the dwarfs as I collected more armies and sold the whole lot off to a friend. I mostly had the dwarfs/imperial dwarfs, with a couple small regiments of norse.

      If I eventually proceed with a small dwarf clan force, I'm on the fence -- either imperial dwarfs (probably Bood Wargames figures, if they're still available) or dark age style dwarfs (Conqueror Models).

    2. I'd probably hunt down some Citadel imperial dwarfs too, if I go that route. Just not sure how common they are on the resale market. Some of the characters, in particular, were great!

  2. Very nice indeed. Now following your progress.

  3. Jestem zachwycony! Świetne regimenty!
    I'm delighted! Great regiments!

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  5. These look fantastic, great work! Out of interest, where does the organ gun model come from? The barrels look a lot like the optional top 3 barrels of the 4/7 barrel human/dwarf citadel organ gun model.

    1. I believe the organ gun came from Old Glory's Italian Wars range of figures.