15 March 2021

Worms and HOrcs in spaaaace!

 Me: Half way through March and I've almost finished half my OWAC goals for the month. I can do this! I just need to stay on track, make sure to finish the first squad over the weekend!

Also Me: Those Eldar really want to watch a space-half-orc battle with a space-purple worm. They'd like that. I'd better get on that right away!

Also: New terrain for the photo background (and hopefully small skirmish games coming soon).

Reaper half-orc converted with some old GW bits. Not sure who manufactured the worm, it came from my friend Rich's collection. It's a soft vinyl figure and looks like it was torn from some other base. I'm guessing from some sort of collectible or "Clix" game figure? Some quick and sloppy paint & a thick coat of gloss varnish and I think it looks good! I have a few more to paint up, I think I'll follow the same technique.


  1. Might it be the Reaper worm? That was one of the early successes of the bones lines.

    Horc looks good, like it would fit in with the original space orks.

    1. You are correct! Thank you, I didn't realize it was Reaper. There's a bunch of glue on the bottom of the figure. Maybe Goremaw's offspring...? I still have that figure to paint as well.