27 December 2021

Race to the Finish Line 2021

It seems like I've got more painting in the past few weeks than all the rest of the second half of 2021. I'm continuing to enjoy painting figures for a Five Parsecs From Home campaign starting early in 2022. I've even started organizing the progress here. Take a look at the menu at the top of the page for the Five Parsecs painting progress and my crew's page. Both are works in progress.

My holiday progress consists of...

Weird little Spaven mutant/familiar.

Gangers from Grenadier and Bad Squiddo.

And another from Grenadier, plus the fourth Reaper (Bones) worm.

Two more worms painted & join in for a family photo.

Apparently I missed one more figure, another from Grenadier.

I've also painted a few fantasy figures. Like this old Ral Partha hydra that I received as a Christmas gift four years ago and finally painted!

Also a couple of minions for the envoy of Death I painted earlier this year. Suitable Deadcember fare, I suppose.


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