18 April 2022

April Fools to Easter Sunday

Happy Easter from the original Oldhammer villain, the eternal malice...

"Heinrich? Heinrich who? Oh that young kid with the magic sword? Terrorizing family farms and avenging himself upon half-ruined monasteries. Such low ambitions. Tsk."

Also, couldn't pass up a holiday themed photo of the crew of LAGWAFIS.

More seriously, I painted the remaining figures for a squad of guards, troopers security forces, etc. for Five Parsecs. Figures from Khurasan's 28mm range. 


(((Addendum))) Artwork that I assume inspired the Drachenfels figures above, from the WFRP Castle Drachenfels.



  1. That's a great drachinfels mini. Where did he come from?
    I like your paint job, he looks appropriately richly garbed.

    1. Thanks! I got him from Westfalia a few years ago, but I'm not sure on the availability. I was feeling like I went too simple with the painting, but I was looking at old medieval & renaissance paintings of royalty and they really seemed to keep it simple then.

      In hindsight, I should have painted gloves rather than fleshy hands. But I like the look. It will probably bug me for years until I repaint the hands sometime in 2027 or whenever. :D