07 July 2022

Alien Fungi

Ages ago I took a course in small scale resin casting with a local artist We each made a quick, small sculpt then created a mold, and made several castings. 

After recently messing around with resin and jewelry molds with my daughter, I pulled out the old silicone mold and... it has way more life in it than expected! So I've been messing around with clear resin and inks, casting gems with/for my daughter and making more of these little things that I see as the first of several potential "alien fungi" for gaming terrain. I painted one of the original castings up just before I started my casting experiments. Here's where I am at today, the blue/sapphire was my latest color. Regardless of the inks & colors, my plan is to paint them. The inks/colors are for me to experiment with before trying to produce something with that sort of translucent quality in a more refined finial format.

1 comment:

  1. Wonderful stuff! They look like something out of Alien to me. I'd hate to see the face-hugger that comes out of pod that big.