07 February 2023

Rats & Fungus

Skaven - Old World Army Challenge VI

As teased previously, I am participating in the Old World Army Challenge again this year. I can let the rat out of the bag now and fess up to painting the verminous Skaven this time around.

You can find my January entry pics and texts at the OWAC site. Group photo below, more at the link.


I recently learned there is a new-ish series based on a similar premise as my latest miniatures sidequest. I will have to check it out if I find some time. But with as little free time as I get, I'd rather paint, or game, or get outside if weather permits.

At any rate, I've been developing a backstory within my Althammer setting as I've been building and painting the little critters. I've also got some ideas for some other fungal-themed figures I'd like to try sculpting. What I would really love is to play some games with other human beings and make use of all this worldbuilding and modeling and painting.

At any rate, the Shroomfolk thing is getting out of hand, which isn't a bad thing. Below are seven more shruman figures. I have one more on the painting desk. After that, I need new host miniatures to infect. The old Citadel zombies (and some militia bits) have been working really well. I'll need to find some more and/or some alternate figures.

And one group shot of all of them together!

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