13 July 2023

June OWAC Skaven (Leader) and Skavenslaves

This is the way the challenge ends
Not with a bang but a whimper.

For various reasons, I limped across the finish line for this year's Old World Army Challenge. Not a great year for me. This Grey Seer did turn out pretty well, even if it was the only figure I painted all month.

Last month I painted half of the slaves I had intended to paint, but at least the quantity was lucky number 13!

Due to landlord shenanigans, I lost use of the basement for painting and gaming, and have had to pack up and move most of my stuff into storage. Hopefully temporary, but not sure. The Skavenslaves were painted outside, which looks pleasant but is very difficult on my old eyes.


  1. Nice work! At least you got to have a cocktail even if you had to be outside!

    1. :) Yes, that did help. And note my hack for not drinking the paint water. Drinking water in stemware, paint water in the faceted jar. ;)