29 June 2009

Painting Frenzy

About two weeks to go. I have one half painted warband, one primed warband, and one primed unit of cavalry to finish.

Plus I need to finish a few movement trays. Not much work involved in those, I just need to remember to proceed to each step, since I glue them in stages in the basement and forget they are there for weeks on end.

My fiance is out of town for the next 5 days. My plans? Nights out with the guys? Wild debauchery? Nope. Probably going to hide out in the back room and paint toy soldiers like a man possessed. I lead the the exciting life, I tell you. ;)

I recieved myRoman command figures, as previously mentioned. Unfortunately my pack of Roman generals had two Pompeys, one Caesar, and no Consul. Also, Caesar's foot appears to have broken off and is MIA. So I emailed Caliver to see if I should contact Foundry about it, but they are taking care of it. So between the quick shipping and the helpful customer service in taking care of the minor glitch that wasn't even their fault, I'm pretty happy with Caliver and will use them again in the future.

In regard to the actual figures, I will give more details when I actually paint them (not until post-Historicon). But looking at the unpainted figures, the standard bearers all look decent, but the generals look really disappointing. The faces really lack the usual Foundry definition to the extent that they're bordering Mr. Bill territory. I'll wait until they're painted and post some pics before final judgment.

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