19 April 2010

More Empire WIP

Some more work-in-progress shots of my current project. More of the Marienburg "Armoured Company."

The stock Steam Tank still needs to have the blue on the hull smoothed out a bit. Then I'm going to try painting a nautical "mural" on each side. Or maybe "mural" is the wrong term. But "nose art" doesn't sound exactly right either.

The War Wagon aka non-Steam Tank is almost done. I plan on putting a second crewman in there. He's got a blunderbus, representing the "steam gun" on the stock steam tank.

Here's a pic of the "tank" bits removed from the War Wagon. My plan is to have three removable insterts for it. This one, one for use as a War Altar, and a third for use as an old-school War Wagon, or something resembling it.

Yes I had a few problems with the lighting. Click on the pics to enlarge, as always.


  1. Looks really cool and it's nice to see a steam tank variation. Are you planning on making an attachment to the horse drawn one into a WAlter?

  2. Just re-read the post, I'm excited to see the conversion!

  3. This is an excellent idea to use the war wagon. I'm looking for a war wagon at ebay since a few years *sigh*