05 May 2010

Painting Color Tool

I think I posted a couple of online color tools previously, but I don't seem to have them easilly tagged in the blog. I just found a new (to me) one so thought I would share it, along with the two previous tools. (And add a new "Color Tools" tag.)





While I am at it, if you'd like a good image/photo editor but don't want the cost associated with professional tools like Photoshop, I recommend Paint.Net:


"GIMP" is another alternative. I haven't looked at it in years, but I thought that Paint.net's interface was much easier to learn and use (for beginners and those experienced with other software alike.)

1 comment:

  1. Paint.net is a great application. It's been my main photo tool for the past 2 years. GIMP is in a whole different category - yes, it can crop and adjust photos but its real function is to "photoshop" images or to create images from scratch.