23 June 2010

Origins and Loose Ends


This weekend is Origins Game Fair in Columbus, Ohio. It's about two hour drive for me. This year I'm only heading down for the day Saturday. My plan is to wander the dealer's hall, gawk a bit and then meet up for some informal & unofficial WAB games.

Treachery & Greed

We're still gearing up for the summer campaign at Warhammer-Empire.com.

After seeing some of the site members participate in a couple of figure conversion contests, a few of us on the campaign team wanted to do an unofficial contest of our own. Site members voted on a character and set of equipment, and we were given our task. Here's mine before and after painting.

The character assigned to us was "Alchemist Wizard Lord with the infirmity compensator and the etherial dissipator." The "infirmity compensator" was described only as some sort of (somewhat dangerous) exoskeleton/suit to slightly improve its wearer's physical characteristics. The "etherial dissipator" roasts enemies with "etherial" energy.

In the meantime I've been working on some stuff for the newsletters, as well as another project. I probably shouldn't do this, but a slight sneaky peeky of the work in progress...


So the big news around town is the impending release of WFB8. I find myself less and less excited. I'm going to give it a chance, but it seems like the direction in the rules is the same as that which drove me away from 40k a few editions ago.

Rumors of "true line of sight" have led to some crazy modeling suggestions on W-E.com. Things like modeling cannons on top of tall rocky precipices. This pic was my contribution -- a new take on the longrifle sniper.

Southpark Tournament - April '10 - Game 1

I realized I never finished the reports from the Southpark Tournament in April.

The short version:

Game Three. Vs. Skaven. I win. I finish second overall.

The medium version:

It was an interesting game. Especially since I've rarely faced off against the Skaven, and have more typically been leading one. I was facing two Doomwheels, a Seer on a Bell, some big blocks of infantry and other typical ratty stuff.

I got an early advantage when I blasted the Seer off his bell right away. This was slightly balanced by the fact that Doomwheels are the perfect tool against Steam Tanks. One of the wheels didn't last long (a glorious charge of some 'nilla knights finished it off) but the other one destroyed one STank and damaged the other.

In the end, the Marienburgers were victorious, and Frank and Lucy even (finally) earned their keep and did some damage.

The long version:

I'll see if I can get around to posting some photos and more details later. No guarantees. Once I'm this far behind, a complete report is unlikely.

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