10 June 2010

Summer Slowdown?

Gaming & painting continues to be a bit slow around ZeroTwentythreeland.

Social & family events, additional time at work, and wedding planning have been keeping me pretty busy.


Game Day

The good news is that I did make it to my old gaming group's Game Day over Memorial Day weekend.

In the first time slot I played in a home-brewed murder mystery miniatures game, set in a 1920's town full of secrets and beset by wolves, snombies (snow zombies!) and me... I was secretly the murderer and achieved my mission to transform myself into an unholy monster. (And presumably eat the rest of the townsfolk.)

In the second time slot I ran the WAB demo game that I had hosted at Cold Wars earlier this year. It went pretty well, though this time the Germans & Gauls won. An early blown combat by the Romans, along with the overrun into the general (who then fled off the table) helped give an early advantage. The one flank where the Romans were initially doing well was counteracted by a lucky barbarian rally.

The third time slot was a big game of Blue Max/Canvas Eagles. It's been a while since I've played, but after just one turn I was back in the saddle (or buckled into the wooden bench, to be more appropriate) again. The allied player directly across from me at the start asked to be shot down quickly, as he had to leave for another commitment. My plan initially failed and he ended up tailing me right away. I quickly put on the breaks & pulled a stall, ended up above and directly behind him and shredded/exploded his plane. I took a little damage as the game progressed, but by the end I was the only one flying against 3 or 4 allied planes, while facing the wrong direction. So I bravely flew off into the sunset...



The WAB game still used the WAB 1.5, as our 2.0 books only recently arrived, after about 5 weeks wait. Hopefully we can try out the 2.0 rules in the next couple weeks. If I can get some time, that is!

As far as painting, I've not had a lot of time. Mostly I'm trying to wrap up a few small commissions. I always try to get at least a little something for myself in the lineup, though. So I've got 9 Balearic slingers on the table at the moment.

I do need to consider what focus I will take next, however. I'd like to start hosting more games at the game club(s), at my place, and at conventions. Although I've got some other projects I'd like to move on (Successors, Carthaginians, etc.) I'm thinking that since I've got a decent start on the Romans anyway, I should just push ahead with bigger and better battles in the civil & Social wars of the first century BCE.

Although the new WFB is out soon, I'm feeling a bit "done" with the game for a while. I will pick up the rules. But my will to paint more Skaven has been sapped before it even got charged up. I'm more in the mood for expanding on the Empire troops, though I'm still not "excited" by WFB at the moment.


  1. Every new rumor about the WHFB 8 rules leaves me less and less interested... modified v6 rules are where the game should have gone in my mind.

    Then again, I rarely play anything anyway, so it is only academic for me anyway.

  2. I thought 7th ed. started off as, more or less, modified 6th edition rules and was pretty upbeat and positive about it.

    Then they changed the focus & balance of the armies mid way through the process. That's where I feel it started to fall apart. But I like the core 7the ed rules quite a bit.

    Still... I'm going to wait and see what 8th ed looks like and give it a try and a fair chance.

    I think part of it may be that with all the 8th ed. hype, I'm less inclined to bother with any more 7th ed. games. (Along with just having a periodic bout of anti-7th-ed.-itis.)