19 October 2010

It's Official; plus: Actual Painted Figures

It's official, I am now a married man.

We risked in outdoor wedding in October and everything turned out great. We had a wonderful time, and the next day, we hit the road...

...to a cabin in the woods in south-western Ohio for four days. It's my favorite area for vigorous driving. We also spent a good deal of time hiking around state parks & caves, grilling outside and we even rented some ATVs one afternoon. It was definitely a city boy's adventure out of his element. And a lot of fun.

We came back and I got a little bit of time at the painting desk, though we've both caught some post-wedding plague, so I've been a bit out of it the past few days.

Below is a WIP shot of one of Wargames Factory's Shock Trooper models (or "shock squid" as I'm calling this one.) I got a sample sprue in with a recent package, and thought I'd paint a couple up just for fun.

You can also see a few sample figures from the upcoming War of Spanish Succession kit that I painted for them, at their web page. Better photos are forthcoming -- these were just a bit of a teaser photo. I've been holding out for someone to do some later 18th century kits (like AWI or SYW) but I think I may end up tempted into the WSS after all.


  1. Congradulations!I hope everything works out for you.


  2. Congratulations!! You both look wonderful. I wish you many years of health and happiness together - with many beautiful children!!

  3. Thank you for all the well-wishes. :)

  4. Congratulations that's a wonderful wedding day photo

    I hope you have a great marriage and life together