29 March 2015

Undead Progress Musings

I'm still indecisive about the elite/armored skeletons. The two ideas at the top of my list are to either use Perry WotR Foot Knights and pack them 4 to a base like the regular infantry, or get some of those Warmachine Bane Thralls and put them 2 or 3 to a base, depending on how many will fit.

Neither is [i]exactly[/i] what I am looking for, but I could work with them. I would prefer if the Perry figures were a little bigger (or I could find some beefier/"heroic"/fantasy equivalents at a similarly affordable price.) My biggest concern with the size is that they will be in the army with those giant GW skeletons I just posted. (I suppose I could trade those in for some smaller ones, in the future...) The Bane Thralls might be OK if I could tone down some of the more ridiculous design elements, like the giant shoulder plates and the iron fences they seem to be wearing on their backs. Since they are plastic, this might not be too hard to deal with.

The deciding factor may be the number of figures per base and the total number of bases I will get for the money. I would prefer the look of densely packed infantry, though I am willing to make concessions on that for the Thralls. However, if I can fit 3 per base, and my minimum unit size is 4 bases, I'm still short by 2 figures for just a single unit. On the other hand, a box of Perry figures will get me 8 bases with 4 figures each, and I would still have some left-overs for other projects.

Something else I'm thinking more seriously about now is a group of non-human skeletons. I made a few skeletal beastmen with the GW kit (not in pics yet) and just received a few of the old Cursed Company figures. I could even mix in a few "normal" skeletons as some non-humans might still look pretty similar to humans when all their meat is removed. I still like those Ral Partha skeletal beastmen & ogres suggested elsewhere. But I'm still on a tight budget and looking to "get the most bang for my buck," so I am focusing on the things I can do with smaller cash outlay.

What I should really finish next is some cavalry. I have some Undeadish (more Germans) and some GW Black Knights to clean, assemble, and paint. I'd also like to paint that Colossal Skeleton from Reaper, but I haven't decided if/how to replace the big weapon (like a hammer made from a gravestone) and possibly do a bit of re-posing.

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