26 August 2015

Photo of the current unit of Marauder Miniatures dwarf pike/spear troops. I will eventually work on a second one.

I think I forgot to post these old Citadel fighters/townsfolk/militia a while ago. I really love that figure on the right!

Finished the Westfalia Fantasy Battles halfling. I'm really looking forward to the rest of this range!

I started experimenting with some more terrain. These were made with some pulled apart steel wool that was glued to some wood bases, sprayed with brown primer, and then had some clumped foliage glued on.


  1. Splendid minis, great details and colors!

  2. Great painting as always, but I really like that bush! Very usable as a LOS blocker.

  3. I found steel wool tended to glint a bit, even after spraying and also was easily squashed. I prefer rubberised horsehair - admittedly much harder to source.

  4. Thanks!

    @warfactory: I really soaked it with way more primer than I would normally use on any other project. I left it pretty dense, so I am hoping that it will resist squashing.

  5. I really like those Marauder dwarves. I've seen them in multiple armies (including mine) and have never seen them painted so well.

    Will be trying your steel wool trick.