12 October 2016

Post-Gaming Blues

Post-gaming blues setting in.

I should figure out a way to get in at least one game a month or just quit altogether.


  1. Sorry to hear that you've got the blues. I find this is a hard time of year, mood wise. In any case, perhaps you can console yourself with two important words... Pirate Robots...

  2. I'm just frustrated. As with the last time I played some games, I've been fired up for more. I started trying to figure out how to play again, but harsh reality set in.

    I've still been thinking of how to set up some gaming space, and the best I can work out is a temporary table in the garage, as long as the weather is warm enough. But I haven't even finished cleaning all the boxes and furniture that still to be unpacked from our move a couple months ago. With cold weather approaching... maybe I could aim for more gaming in the Spring? But I'm still missing another vital component: a local friend who is interested in the same types of games AND can play on my screwed-up schedule.

    The Oldhammer Day was really something I had been looking forward to for months, and kept me going. But as much fun as it was, it was a little impractical & irresponsible and I've been dealing with the results of that.