22 January 2017

The Slowdown Lowdown

The new job is great, but exhausting. Especially as I am spending half of January travelling. So that quick painting on the Lord of the Feast is about all I'm going to get done this month. I'll be home for a while after the end of January, but not sure how much painting time I will have. Still, I've been thinking a little more about what I'd like to paint in the next few months, and the coming year. So the slightly revised list is:

  • Fomorians/Fimir
    • Finish the eight GW orc conversions I started last year.
    • Paint the Troll Outpost hero.
    • Paint the remaining Oldhammer lead Fimir.
    • Convert & paint the few remaining Reaper orcs I've currently got, plus the batch of new ones I'm awaiting from the Bones 3 Kickstarter.
  • Giants
    • Paint the oldschool Citadel C28 giant I've got.
    • (I've re-considered, and I'd like to get a set of the three multi-piece C28 giants -- so, acquiring the other two is another goal).
    • Paint the last metal giant Citadel produced (its already assembled & basecoated).
    • Paint the Warploque giant!!.
    • Acquire the Otherworld Giant (the last "must have" giant on my list)
  • Halflings
    • Paint the Westfalia KS reward halflings.
  • Rogue Trader
    • Paint a few figures. Still up in the air... Robot Pirates vs. Spacetime Bandits. Still just a half-baked idea anyway.
  • Trolls (No reason or plans behind these -- they're just cool figures I really want to paint!)
    • Paint the first three trolls from Drew Williams.
    • Paint the second three trolls from Drew when they arrive.
  • Empire
    • Paint more halberdiers
    • Paint more landskneckt dwarfs
    • Aqcuire and paint that last MM41 Marauder fucking Ogre I've been after for years!
  • Undead
    • Paint oldschool wights & wight lord
    • Paint last few Nightmare Legion.
    • Odds & Ends. Whatever else I feel like painting. The dead are always waiting...

If I get to half of what I posted above, I'll be happy. Realistically, I'm thinking about what I can do away from the painting/modeling table instead. So I'm thinking about finally giving some structure & polish the campaign concepts I've been brainstorming on for... a couple years? I think the hobbit merchant/mercenary company introduction I did late 2016 was a good start. I've got scenarios outlined for that too. So maybe I can indulge in some writing, sketching, organizing, etc. when I can't get to a painting table in 2017.

Which brings me to a long-term goal. I turn 50 in 2021. Still a few years off... but not so far away. I used to love doing something fun for my birthday each year, but once I hit my 40s it's mostly been just another day in the grind.

2016 was a nice fun tease of a year-- I got together & played KoW (which I am totally sold on) a couple times with old friends that I desperately miss. I had a great time at my first Oldhammer USA event. So although it seems like it's going to be harder to repeat even my humble 2016 schedule, I'm going to be a self-centered bastard about turning 50, deny growing older, and play games with toy soldiers as much as I can. So I'd like to get a campaign concept wrapped up by the end of 2020, and then play out a bunch of games with old friends, new friends, and, sure, total strangers at a few conventions/events throughout 2021.

And if I'm going to try pulling something super-geeky off for my 50th, I may as well do it right. The Eccentric Gamer's Mid-Life Crisis. So... Printed campaign pack? Or at least printed maps? Stickers? T-Shirts? Cast miniatures? Micro-brew? The possibilities are endless. My resources (mainly money and time) might not be, but my ideas.... endless. ;)

(WTF?!? I remember when the year 2021 was something used for reference in post-apocalyptic gaming settings... now I'm making real-life gaming plans for that year?!)


  1. Good luck man! You can totally do it :-)

  2. Good luck with all your stuff. The ideas sound great. Let me know if you need more than just moral support. I'm not even half the artist you are, but I can be a layout monkey or whatever. It's also scary to think that the events of Blade Runner are set in the distant future. 2019. Ugh.

  3. Nice to see you making positive plans for this year, that is a decent list for a busy family man to get through (not that I'd know!). I already failed in my 2017 plans after one month...

    Not so surprised to find we share a birth year, I certainly haven't made plans for my 50th yet but if you do have a Warhammer 50th birthday do I am definitely crashing that party, Atlantic Ocean be damned! :)

    Now I'm off to make a 2017 to do list, which I will then ignore...

    1. I don't expect to get a lot of it done. So let's say that list is more like a large pool of peojects from which I will decide on what to paint, etc.