24 March 2017

Marsh & Big April

Month of Marsh

Unfortunately, I've been sort of sputtering out on the Month of Marsh.

I cleaned, assembled, primed and started painting the four classic lead Citadel Fianna/nobles, converted a Reaper orc for a Fomorian hero, and then (barely) work on a second, larger, hero. What I've painted so far has been a bit less than my usual quality, and I think these figures deserve better. I'm (crazy...) thinking about re-stripping the one in the back because the flesh is so drybrushed and grainy. The guy in the front-left is in better shape, but I'm still not happy with the color(s). I seem to have lost my Fomorian Flesh Mojo. I really love the way I did the earlier figures... I'm just having problems reproducing it.

Such is the risk of not having "formulae" for painting. On the other hand, I did want them to have varied skin tones.

I'm still happy with the way the way the Citadel plastic savage orc conversions turned out, at least.

Big April Challenge

But these other figures are frustrating enough that I'm already looking forward to the Big April Challenge -- which will be my second annual giant challenge. I'm sure the sudden arrival of...

...doesn't have anything to do with it. 😉 Got my Otherworld Giant today. I wasn't expecting all three heads (I specified A, the one with the long beard, as instructed with my order.) So now I'm wondering if I should magnetize, or find other homes (on new models) for the two heads that will go unused.

Also the three Drew Williams trolls arrived a few days ago -- to add to the first three that were awaiting this second set of three before getting painted. Very cool figures, once again. I'm anxious to start painting them.

My recent shopping spree doesn't end here. Still waiting on two smaller things to arrive. Now I'm shopped out for a while. I figure all of the extra work, overtime, etc. the past few months justifies my buying some new stuff. ;)

In the meantime, I need to get painting some more!

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  1. Bog Trolls for Big April? Good idea. I also have some old GW Trolls and Ogres I could ad to the queue. For now I'll pretend I can achieve this.