13 May 2017

Failed Gaming

My plans for going to the Oldhammer in the North event have fallen apart.

Last weeks Game Day plans also got screwed up. Couldn't get out of the house until several hours later than planned, and had to return early.

That's been the only gaming that I've managed to even try top plan so far this year, and there's nothing else on the horizon.

Travelling long distances to game isn't practical, and quite frankly, as the sole source of gaming -- that's pretty stupid to begin with.

Attempts at generating interest in gaming locally have pretty much failed.

Solo gaming is dead in the water with nowhere to play now.

After getting chased out of my initial painting spot at the new house, the basement is running into just as many, if not more problems.

So... morale is at a new low. I'm even starting to think about selling all my gaming shit again. One of the things holding me back (aside from nostalgia) is the finality if it. If I unload my gaming shit again -- that's it. Done for good.


  1. Hang in there! Or at least just pack it away - things change and selling it all is very final.

  2. I feel your pain. I moved house/state 7 years ago and have not played a game since. I haven't even painted in over a year now.
    I would not recommend selling off all your stuff, you'll regret it at some point.
    I've packed all my stuff up into storage so to speak, out of sight and off my chest for a bit while I take care of real life stuff.

  3. What you need to do is get yourself a gimp whom your can force to game with you. Problem solved!

    I'm all seriousness though, you'll get it figured out and your know your can't quit as this is worse than heroin.

  4. Nooo! I totally get your frustration, but don't do anything rash. I have to travel for gaming, but it's worth it to me. Airborne and I have also talked about remote gaming. Would you want to give that a try?

  5. 1 - Remote gaming has got to be a thing worth trying. I'm not sure how, but we're all smart people, it can't be that hard!
    2 - can you find a way to make gamers come to you? Hard to believe there's no local gamers at all? Not even a school club or something?
    3 - 50th birthday Garage Hammer!!!
    4 - I'll tell you a secret.... it's not actually about the games. Games are just an excuse. It's all about the lead (plastic if you must). Look at my Vampire army: 480 models, 4 years work, one weekend of gaming.... It's all about the lead ;)

  6. I'm sorry to hear that things are so grim on the gaming front, 0-23. I agree with the others that it would seem like a tragedy to make an irrevocable step like giving your stuff away. You've done so much brilliant work (I was just taking another look at your Marienburgers, as they are mind-blowing). I thought Orcyboy had a good point - if you pack the stuff away, you might not feel pressured by it. As circumstances change and your mood shifts, unpacking it might be a delight.

  7. I think I was (and still am) in a sour mood because as rarely as I get to do any gaming, and as much as I try to plan ahead for what little I do get to do, I feel extremely disappointed. These were the only real chances for gaming I've had in the past six months or so. I even wasted a precious vacation day from work thinking I could get away to the Oldhammer in the North event (and make a few fun stops along the way.)

    I also think it's part of a bigger problem. I spend nearly all of my time on work & household/parenting stuff. Other hobbies, social engagement, etc. are also pretty much dead. Once in a while I paint a bit or watch a movie late at night if I can stay awake (and then get by the next day on too little sleep.) That's about it.

    As far as selling vs. storage, I think my personal problem with that is my tendency to feel like things in storage are going to waste, and that hanging on to things "just in case" I can use them at some point in the future is a losing gamble. Especially given that I really did do that previously, and a lot of what I've been working on the past couple years is stuff that was put away before. Now, in spite of the past few years of trying to revive the hobby, it's not really working out again. I guess I'm hesitant to go through the same disappointment again.

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