13 May 2018

Minis of Future Past

For whatever reason (nostalgia?) I decided these old minis need a new life. Previously used for Hordes of the Things (along with some other rabbit themed minis.) Just a small warband, but it looks like I've got...

12 Archers
12 Spearmenrabbits
6 Axe & Shield
6 Sword & Shield (which I don't care for and probably won't use)
2 Heroes
2 Musicians, one Standard Bearer

I'm not sure if I will repaint, touch up, or a little of both. I do want to replace the old carrot shields with new plain ones -- so I'm on the lookout for source for round shields.

I've also decided I need to repair my stepped-on self-portrait mini. (Early sculpting attempt, from one of the old sculpting list's Visions In Putty challenges)  I've glued me to a new base, will fix the legs & touch up the paint. I want to replace the axe, but I think I will leave it in place and just repaint it. Even though both sculpting and painting are... let's say, "rough," I'd like to preserve it for nostalgia and as a record of what I was doing at that point.


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    1. Ha. I was on the old MiniSculpt list, trying to learn how to do it. One of the challenges that came up was a self-portrait. This was right around the time that several companies, like Rackham, started producing a lot of minis with really oversized weapons. I did it to sort of poke fun at that trend.

  2. Dig the bunnies! Funnily enough I was recently looking for 28mm bun warriors - guessing from the tags these might be some ancient Ral Partha sculpts?

    1. Yes. They made a brief appearance in the 90s (I think) and I believe were recently brought back via the Ironwind Metals kickstarter(s) to re-release old Ral Partha molds.

      They appear to have been sculpted over top of some of their classic orcs. Old catalog with both the "Thumpers" and orcs they're based on is here: http://www.dndlead.com/Catalogs/RalPartha1995.pdf

      Looks like all they've got on their web-site at the moment is a 12-figure assortment. They used to come packed in blisters based on their armament, plus the command set, etc.

    2. Thanks for the rundown! I'll see about tracking some down!

  3. The rabbit warriors look like fun. I'm all for keeping the mini as a record. But I think I've only ever repainted 2 figures and I don't think those were ever actually finished in the first place.

    1. I've definitely kept some of my old painted minis out of nostalgia. But I've had a bad habit of re-painting more minis that anyone should...

  4. It’s not every day you see an army consisting of anthropomorphic rabbits - I look forward to seeing these jazzed up (must resist urge to make joke about a huge chopper).

    1. Joke away.

      I painted the spearmen (spearrabbits?) shields bronze purely so I could refer to them as *hop*lites and the range was sold by Ral Partha as "Thumpers".

      If you're referring to the axe, see my above reply -- I did that sarcastically.


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