03 January 2019

Goodbye 2018, Hello 2019

Looking back at 2018, it feels like I painted more than I did. Gaming was almost non-existent again. I bought very few new minis, most of which got painted right away. So the collection only grew a little, and the balance of painted vs. unpainted grew in favor of painted. That's a positive. All painting and gaming this year seems overshadowed by the loss of a good friend. It's admittedly still fresh in my mind, and I've written about it a couple of times in the past month or two, so I'm not going to re-hash it here other than mentioning that it's had me thinking a lot about needing to re-connect with many of my friends, gaming or otherwise. I've played computer games, and have thought a lot about solo games lately. But I like gaming as a social activity. So... something to work on in 2019.


I played a three round Kings of War tournament in March, which was also the first use of my Fomorian miniatures.

The only other gaming I did was a game of Dungeon! over Thanksgiving weekend with my wife and daughter. The latter has asked when we're going to play again, so I'm hoping to work on that!


I swear it felt like I painted a lot more, but looking through the old posts, it's not as much as I thought. But all things considered, I think it was a pretty good output! My 2018 painting recap...

Drew Bog Trolls

Finding the last Marauder ogre to complete my set after many, many years. And painting it!

Finishing the Warploque giant (aka, Walter) I had started a year earlier in my annual Big April giant painting thing.

Hobbit goat knights and human halberdiers for the JTC!

Almost done with the half-orcs...

And a few odds & ends that I really enjoyed.

...and of course, all the Deadcember stuff I painted & already posted recently.

On to 2019

There are, of course, more gaming/miniatures related things I'd like to do in 2019 than I can even come close to having time for.

The given (painting):

  • The 2019 Old World Army Challenge (OWAC2). I'll be painting sea elves bit by bit, as part of a group challenge that I've previously posted about
  • Giants. April is the month of giants. At the very least I'd like to finish the Heresy giant I started in 2018.
  • Undead. And December is the month of the undead. I'll probably continue that tradition. 

The uncertain (painting):

  • Meat Hating Robot Pirates. Will this project ever get started???
  • Jackrabbit Trading Company. I'd like to make more progress on this!
  • Trolls. Small project, but I've got three more Drew trolls. And if I can find the last two old Marauder trolls I'm missing from the set, I'll paint all six of those as well!
  • Half-orcs. One more regiment to finish, this will definitely happen.
  • Marienburgers. I still have plenty more to paint, and I'd like to get some of the rank & file done -- pikemen in particular.
  • Odds & ends. I enjoyed the Hermit & Boar and Tengu & Jackalope minis quite a bit. I'd like to do more mini side-projects like that. Especially minis with a backstory in my head. (I should write out a bit about those from 2018...) In fact, painting some things like this may be something I look at doing sooner than later in 2019.

The dream (gaming):

  • I had fun playing Dungeon! with my wife & daughter. I think we all have some friends (adults and children) who would enjoy this. I'd like to give it a few more shots. Maybe it will act as a gateway... ;)
  • Solo. My old ideas for solo gaming are indefinitely on hold. I simply don't have the space for the type of gaming I had planned for before moving a couple years ago. BUT, I have recently purchased Sellswords and Spellslingers, and (just bought it tonight!) Rangers of Shadow Deep. Both are solo or coop skirmish games that I'd like to give a shot. Either solo, or coop if possible...
  • At least one big narrative battle game. No chess timers, no rankings, no awards. Just some friends pushing blocks of troops around a battlefield, trying to achieve some sort of objectives other than counting points.


  1. Dude, I didn't realize how much you painted this year! The quality to output ratio is astounding!!!! Look forward to seeing what you come up with this year. Good luck on your goals as well. ;)

  2. A cracking year mate. Thanks for sharing your work with us. I've nearly completed collecting my imperial ogres too and yours are wonderful inspiration. Really looking forward to your Sea Elves!