27 February 2019

Old World Army Challenge - February

The February entries are rolling in: https://oldworldarmychallenge.blogspot.com/

I will eventually pull all of my OWAC sea elf entries together in a single page here on my own site. But if you'd like to read about my entries as they come in, what the OWAC is all about, and check out some of the other awesome projects, I encourage you to check out the link above.

A couple of pics:


  1. Galion is great! Does he have a big sword strapped to his back? And he is a Ral partha elf you say?

    1. Yes, you can see part of the sword hilt over his shoulder.

      He is a RP high elf, maybe late 90s? There was a whole range of them in this style. Some are still available from either Ral Partha Europe or Iron Wind Metals.